SY King Locksmith Orlando believes when burglars see something they want to take from your shop or office, they will take it since standard locks can’t stop them. A quick kick, pry, shoulder push, screwdriver strike, or even a credit card bypass technique could open an ordinary lock.

Your business and home are in peril when the front, side, or back entryways are secured with door handle locks. Often, thieves only need to break the handle off with a hammer to gain entry to your office or home. However, one of our emergency locksmith’s in Orlando specialists can find your business and homes vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, recommend countermeasures that will allow your home or business to stay safe even when attempted break-ins occur. So today, I’ll give you a few hints that will exhaust a criminal’s attempt to break-in and at the same time improve your door security:


Install Deadbolts

Deadbolt with knob on green door

Mounting deadbolts on all your outside entryway is critical when it comes to door security. Deadbolts offer protection and security from prying, bumping, lock-picking, drilling, and, other forced entry techniques. The top deadbolts come with grades from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ANSI is an independent testing company that has high standards in its testing procedures.

For example, to be called commercial deadbolt, it needs to pass through a trial of open/ closed one-million times, bolt one inch into the doorframe, and, needs to withstand ten hammer blows. Remember, the open/close test determines the durability; the second determines the doorframe security, and, the hammer attacks test the sturdiness of the lock.

An accomplished locksmith business conveys numerous kinds of deadbolts and services to achieve the right solution. Often, people don’t know when to set a double-cylinder or single-cylinder deadbolt? A double-cylinder needs a key to open the deadbolt from both sides. However, a single-cylinder could be opened from inside without a key or opened with the use of thumb turn switch. You could install a double cylinder deadbolt to prevent someone from breaking the nearby window and reaching across to open the lock.

Rekey existing locks


Rekeying your locks can be significant in safeguarding the valuables of your business. Often, burglars were once a co-worker or a disgruntled employee who stayed with copy keys? Then came back to burglarized your business, leaving you ruined or confused since there are no signs of forced entry. If you lost a spare key or fired a disgruntled worker then, you should rekey your entryways.


Admittedly, not everyone steals. However, some employees do lose keys so they could have made a spare key for emergency purposes without telling you which is not permitted. Our talented locksmiths can change the pins inside your locks and cut matching keys that make the old passkeys unusable.

Reinforce the door components

closed brown door

Strengthening the strike plate will enhance the entryway against forced entry attacks. Truthfully, a lock without a sturdy door and components is just an adornment. Yes, individuals, think a lock is a device that keeps them secure but the strike plate is the thing that anchors the entryway, so it needs reinforcing as well. Mounting sturdy strike plates with three inches reinforced screw enhances the capability of your lock against attacks.

Moreover, the hinges need the right set up and must be sturdy too. Weak hinges utilizing shallow anchor screws will give way when the entryway gets hit or kicked. By doing a feeble DIY gig or hiring a subpar handyman, you give burglars a straightforward entry to your home. Imagine if the intruder sees your hinges while your entryway is closed, the burglar could easily lift or unscrewed the entryway open. These parts must be sturdy as the locking system so allow professionals to install the hinges inside the entryway with three-inch screws.


Lock upkeep

lock oil spray can

Usually, homeowners and business owners regularly forget to lubricate their locks. The locks are made of metal and have metal inside moving parts that are vulnerable against corrosion and rust. When you turn and slip in your key, it causes friction and pushes a succession of pins that need lubrication to work smoothly.

The exterior locks remain defenseless against the weather elements and vulnerable to harm from dirt and especially, water. Usually, rainwater causes the bolt to stick, but for people who live in salty regions, salt water may cause their lock to rust quicker. It prompts your locks’ parts to cease and stop working. Only adding some lubricant, for instance, WD-40 or graphite powder will keep the pins moving freely and reduce friction. Subsequently, prolonging the life expectancy of your locks.


Mount a wide-point peephole


You’ll see unexpected guests with a wide-angle peephole viewer, so you don’t open the door to strangers. Well, there you have some of the best countermeasures that you can add to your door to better secure it from forced entry techniques and strangers.