Commercial and residential locksmith Orlando specialist realizes there are some reasons for purchasing a padlock including, preventing theft, or stop unapproved access to an area or thing. Are you protecting access to your shed or valuable items? Well, you need to pick the correct padlock for the job.

Think about how significant is the thing you want to secure? If it’s vital for the value it holds, then odds are intruders will be determined to get it no matter the cost. So, the best bet is an expensive high-security padlock. If the thing that you’re protecting it’s not essential, the likelihood of burglary is lower, so you may utilize a lower grade and less expensive padlock.

Picking the correct padlock means knowing what to protect. If not, then, you’ll be searching Google for a “locksmith near me” to upgrade your shed’s door lock. Understanding padlocks features, materials, and, even knowing what shackle to use is essential for the overall security. Mostly, high-security padlock needs to be resistant to forced attacks such as cutting and drilling.

However, remember a sturdy entryway lock installed on a weak doorframe makes for a weak tag team when it comes to door security. So even the best padlocks will be futile if they’re secured to an untrustworthy entryway or skinny chains! Consider these tips when acquiring a padlock for your needs.

Comprehend your lock choices

From padlocks to cupboard locks, deadbolts to safe deposit locks; there’s a lock for anything that needs protection. For offices and business, cam locks and electronic locks are perfect for their requirements. Before choosing the lock, you will first need to know what you’re going to protect or your security needs.

For home security, knob/lever and deadbolts are ordinarily the go-to choices for exterior entryways. If you have a shed with expensive tools or a stored Harley motorcycle, then you shouldn’t get a skinny padlock. Installing the best high-security lock with a durable door and a sturdy chain will guard your valuables and give you the peace of mind you need.

Selection of materials

Three padlocks with keys

Another essential thing to consider, which it’s not visible to most buyers is the materials. Yes, the materials can have a considerable effect on padlocks durability and function. Most padlocks come made from steel and brass. However, depending upon your security needs; you’ll need to consider weather-resistant coatings like chrome and zinc. Also, plastic and strengthened metals are excellent.

Consider the materials of the body of the padlock as well. For example, pressed steels, solid brass, strong steel alloys, and, laminated steel are the most well-known metals utilized. Since the body of the padlock secures the inside lock parts when attacked, you need to make sure you have picked a sturdy lock body with the exact metal for the job. For durable locks, search for hardened and stainless steel as thieves will take longer to cut and break these padlocks.

Lock quality and function


Quality is critical when purchasing the best lock for your security needs. Some locks come built to withstand force attacks. High-quality models bring parts machined to precise tolerance levels for better resistance to attacks.

To figure out what level of durability the lock requires, think about the function of the lock. What room will you lock? Indoor or outdoor use?

Protected and secure shackles

metal golden padlock on a door

The shackle of the padlock is the main part thieves attack. Thieves will attempt to break the shackle utilizing bolt cutters, hammer, or a saw. So, you’ll want the shackle to be sturdy as well. High-quality padlocks will likewise accompany a locking mechanism, which protects the shackle in two places with the body once the padlock is locked. The lock’s shackle has three classes – close, open, and, semi-enclosed. A close shackle has less shackle exposed and usually, will give the highest level of security. Since less shackle means lower chances of tampering.

Different Key Options

By picking a lock that offers the most key variations, you lower the odds of the key getting replicated. You could also set up restricted key systems for an additional layer of security. If you do lose the key, then this system will help prevent keys to the lock from being copied.

Level of Security

Locksmith near me padlock installation

Every lock has a grade of security which determines if it can give you what you require. Once more, you’ll have to consider the function of the lock before choosing the level of security. Levels of protection are categorized by locking grades with grade 1, offering the most elevated amount of safety.

The locking grades can direct you to your security requirements. However, there’s no reason for putting resources into a high-quality padlock if it’s getting put on a precarious entryway latched to a skinny chain.