Locksmith in Miami likes advising on anything that has to do with locks, so it brings me to the next subject how to baby-proof doors. Yeah, the little ones are learning how to walk, and it means they will be touching everything (even dangerous things too).

Doors could be a very hazardous part of the house for a curious kid. To start with, the hinges of the door can pinch, and injuries to delicate hands (fingers and palm) occur with badly baby-proofed doors.

Also, sometimes you don’t want kids to have the ability to open doorways leading to dangerous places like the kitchen, medicines, outside, and if you live upstairs not to open the door and go down the stairs.

So I made an informative article, and I’ll cover products which will fix the topic “baby proofing inside doors” and not allowing infants to open and shut doors. I also have included a Miami Locksmith DIY guide in case you don’t have the resources.


Avoid your infant opening doors

baby opening door

Anything that is on the other side of a doorway is more interesting to your baby than anything else he/she is currently doing. A kid by nature is curious, so you should realize that you will need to use a locking mechanism on hinged doors to stop serious exploration.

When picking a product that prevents your baby from opening doorways, they are important questions you will need to ask yourself:

Can my child figure out how to open the door?

Does the product allow me to open and shut the door when required?

The reply to the initial question is somewhat complicated. You probably realize you have raised a mastermind as you have attempted to stop your children from doing something. Then found them doing what you ask them not to do like finding a hidden toy or opening the fridge.

Children are smart so if a product doesn’t work securing your doorways, don’t get disheartened try other things. The next stage gets often overlooked. You will probably use the doorway locking devices for nearly all your child’s life. You don’t want to use a frustrating device that will annoy you every time that you choose to open a doorway.


Products to baby proof doors


There are several unique products available to baby proof the doorways in your residence. Some will work more suitable to situations than others. Some products will keep the door shut, while some are going to prevent your baby from opening the doorknob.

I can’t stress enough that when a single product doesn’t do the job for you then attempt an alternative. Like I said infants are masterminds so if you first don’t succeed then try again and again.


Round door knob covers and locks

Doorknob lock

A doorknob lock will fit over your current doorknob, and various products will use unique procedures to block your kid from using the knob. Most commonly they’ll rely on particular elements that are needing to be pushed down to turn the knob.

Usually, only big hands will attain this or both palms. As a result, I’m not fond of these types of devices since baby’s geniuses can master this technique.


                                            Lever handle door locks



Does your residence bring lever door handles? These grips are incredibly simple for a baby to start since a baby can pull down using the hands alone. Luckily, there’s a baby-proof lock and cover made only for lever handles.

The protection cover goes over the door handle and secured with adhesive tape. But in doubt, the lock also brings screws to fix the shield into the doorway. Be careful though; it will leave holes once the time comes to remove the bolt or when it’s not needed anymore.


The Door Monkey

Door Monkey child proof door

The Door Monkey holds your doorway in place by securing it into the door frame. However, it doesn’t fully seal the doorway. On the contrary, it leaves a little opening, enabling air to circulate between rooms.


The Door Monkey can manage roughly 40 to 50 pounds until it becomes loose or fractures. Unless your toddler is The Incredible Hulk, he/she can’t create enough power so that the device won’t budge.


Prevent palms or fingers getting jammed in hinged doors use Door Pinch Guard


Door Pinch Guards

Usually, toddlers try to follow the lead which is the parents. Unfortunately, there behind us and when we close the door, they put their hands to stop the door and follow, but the first thing to enter the gap of a closing door is fingers. So the perfect device to prevent these awful situations is called the Pinch Guard.

A Pinch Guard is plastic or foam shaped like the letter U. Pinch guards also prevent door slams. If the infant pushes the door closed a bit too hard, the Pinch Guard will prevent the entry from slamming closed. The U device clamps on both sides of the doorway. It clips around the back side or locks facet to stop small hands from getting caught.

However, the foam won’t stop the door from entirely shutting, it’s best for doors which lead out to safe places throughout the home as you need your infant to have the ability to enter and leave. It means not to use on the front and rear doors which need to stay securely closed to make sure your child’s security.


A DIY way to prevent pinched fingers


Door Pinch Guards

Though this will not look appealing, it is possible to perform a straightforward DIY job to baby-proof your doorways to prevent pinched fingers. Just take an old towel you don’t want anymore. Then put it on the top of the doorway, nearest to the hinged side. Now, watch if the door remains open enough to reduce pinching.

Otherwise, fold the towel in half and try again. If the towel is still too large and you do not mind damaging it, then cut it up into squares and then put them on other doorways. See whether the door remains open enough to prevent fingers from getting pinched.

It should do the job! If it’s possible to match the color of the towel to the doorway, it is going to look far better. Well, as excellent as a towel hanging around the doorway can seem. If in doubt call locksmiths in Miami for better solutions or to install door locks.