Not all burglars are stupid, some have skills and can leave a well-secured place, ransacked. When searching for targets, a locksmith in Orlando specialist realizes most burglars do some research on the property they will attack?

You probably understand the phrase casing a house from a movie or a favorite show. Well, this describes how burglars analyze the home’s flaws. In particular, they want to know when your home is empty so they can get away clean free.

Our Orlando Locksmiths will show you how to know whether your home is being targeted by burglars:


New traffic close to your home

Burglars use walking a dog to spy a home

If you see suspicious people walking or in a vehicle close to your home, it could be a sign that somebody is watching your home.

When you see a specific vehicle parked close to your home regularly that you know doesn’t belong to your neighbors or anybody visiting them, this could show you that somebody is watching your home. If you have surveillance cameras, then use it to track vehicles when you’re away and keep looking for strange patterns.

Burglars regularly sit in vehicles with tinted windows to hide their faces. If you notice a parked vehicle close to your home for a while with no explanation, consider calling the police when you see suspicious activity. Usually, the police will be happy to help and investigate the car and suspicious character for you.

Now, if you notice a stranger frequently walking close or past your home, they can spy your home trying to look for weaknesses. When a person cases your home, they may look like your honest jogger or a pet walker. However, they will linger longer to investigate your home.


Burglars use sales scams


Another way that a criminal can case your homes is to knock on your door pretending to be from a real business, government agency, or disguising some other sensible way to connect with you. This way a criminal can get a better feeling of your home, gain info, or know if you have a home security system, dog, or even a sturdy deadbolt lock that they can defeat.

When you have allowed entry to your home, they can check out your windows, doors, and valuables that would give the information to break into your home.

Often, we do get guests that legitimately hope to make a living by selling goods or services, yet you should always have your guard up when a new face knocks. A sturdy metal door gate with a robust lock can keep you safe while allowing you to communicate with the salesperson.


Burglars can use fake emergencies

asking for water scam

Some criminal knock on your door faking an emergency. They may tell to you that their vehicle stalled and if they can use your phone or that they need glass water or some water for their car.

These intruders know how to melt your heart to get you to feel sorry for them and help them out. People help individuals in trouble; sadly, there are criminals out there hoping to exploit that.

Criminals use your kindness against you. They may steal your things or robbed you, or they may just collect intelligence and return when you are away.

Many people will ask for water or to use the restroom in order to leave a door or window open so they can return and gain easy access to your home.


Snapping photos of your home


Nowadays people use cellphones for everything, even taking pictures of birds, the sky, and your home. Yes, it is simpler today for individuals to take a quick picture of your home for later scheming.

If somebody takes photos of your home and then leaves quickly, this could be a sign. Be watchful and search for some other suspicious activity, regardless if this happens at a home further down the road or another home.

Alert your neighbors or even the police if you see imminent danger; your assistance could help them in an investigation.


Sending flyers or sticking stickers on your home

Sending flyers or sticking stickers on your home scams

Seeing a lot of flyers or stickers stuck to your door or window can annoy us. However, flyers and stickers can likewise help criminals mark your home.

Many criminals will send flyers or stick stickers on empty homes or they believe is vacant to serve as a pointer for their accomplices that you’re not protecting the house.

So, it is smart to remove any flyers or stickers from your home right away. If you’re going on a trip, ask a close friend or neighbor to remove any flyers or papers that could accumulate outside your home showing the criminals that you are away.


Follow your instinct

call the police on burglars

When you want to protect your home against break-ins, perhaps the best tip is your instinct. If you have a feeling that something suspicious is going on, follow it and report the suspicious activity to the police.

Not all people walking or driving through your neighborhood is a burglar. However, if you see somebody acting suspiciously, not looking at you eye to eye, and not looking neighborly, there could be a cause for concern.

Remain vigilant when you see suspicious activity, write how the individual look or take down their tag number if they have a vehicle. Report anything suspicious to the police and talk with your neighborhood watch or start one.