How can Increasing Home Security make your House a Less of a Target?

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Increasing Home Security

Increasing home security is more difficult than home designing. However, Orlando Locksmith professionals know burglars strike every day no matter the time, so home security needs to be a top need.

One of the first things a burglar looks for while targeting a house is a positive situation; the chance to exploit the weak links in your home security to break-in.

Home security deterrents are essential to address since break-ins occur all the time because often people disregard security in favor of home design. To prevent break-ins, individuals need to get comfortable with methods for protecting their homes. Then, they’ll know the best way to deal with a situation and report a crime to the police.

Our locksmith in Orlando, FL, specialists will broadly cover many ways to prevent property related crimes.


Start increasing home security from the outside first

perimeter home security

There’s an easy way to increase home security. Well, you start with the perimeter of your property, the one an intruder will come into contact with first. Often, homeowners install interior cameras but disregard the fence or gate while this provides an excellent way for a burglar to walk through the patio or front lawn.

A bad or good dog can be a cheap and excellent deterrent but make sure the canine stays in shape. Try to have some exterior lighting and surveillance cameras pointing towards the front lawn or spots that criminals may hide.


Hide, lock, and store expensive items


Try not to make your home more appealing to burglars. Therefore, to secure your house, it’s ideal to keep costly things, for example, grills, vehicles, lawnmowers, and bicycles inside the garage or shed. If you don’t have a place to store things at least lock it up with a heavy chain and sturdy padlock that someone can cut easily.

Or intruders may effortlessly take them—even during the day without sweating a little. Far more terrible, it could lead them into thinking that they can find even more valuable things inside the home, too.


Put away tools and ladders


A ladder may provide an entrance for burglars to enter your home. From a criminal’s point of view, if they can bypass your front door because you installed a sturdy lock then a burglar may use a ladder to access the second floor of a home where you left a window open.

The same goes for tools. Don’t leave things unlocked or visible for example, hammers, screwdrivers, and other tools many homeowners keep around their garden. Burglars can use these things to break open a door lock or a window with a weak latch.

Carefulness is the thing that can have a significant impact when it’s time to protect your home.


Looking for instant increase home security deterrent, lock your doors

increase home security by locking your doors

Don’t allow a burglar to just walk inside the house through the front door. Inspect all of your outside doors to ensure they have sturdy door frames and the working hinges. Also, check if your entryway has a mail space—that an intruder can’t just reach through it to open the door.

If you live in an old home or you lived there for a while maybe it is time to replace your door locks. That way an intruder won’t easily bypass or kick your door down. Just ensure your locks are heavy, durable, and have a security feature that protects your type of home. But, remember the best door locks won’t work correctly if you don’t use them so lock your doors.

Here are some ways you can increase home door security:

  • Install a deadbolt lock, at least a graded ANSI Grade 1 and 2.
  • Add a sturdy strike plate.
  • Upgrade to electronic locks if you lose or misplace keys.


Reinforce sliding glass doors


Many homeowners like sliding glass doors for the nice views, but intruders love sliding doors too, so ensure you secure it. You can use a window bar or dowel in the track to shield the door from being forced open.

When you need an innovative solution, include a door sensor or glass break sensor. Also, consider replacing the latches with locks and protecting the window glass with security film.


Increase home security with professional security solutions

cctv-cameras- system

Mounting a home security system to protect the outside part of your home is a brilliant way to add more security. Here are a couple of recommendations that can prove successful:

  1. Motion detector lights. This is can improve the safety of a home at night. This will prevent trespassers from hiding in the darkness and help make a dangerous situation simpler to spot.
  2. HD CCTV. While motion detector lights are an amazing burglar deterrent, a surveillance system can make burglars think twice of entering a home practically negating the attempt.
  3. Alarm systems. An alarm will make criminals move to another target. Likewise, you can pick a system that permits you to get a notification when the system detects suspicious activity on your property. Some systems even allow you to see it live on your smartphone and call the police.

Hire the right professional to increase your home security


It’s essential to note the installation of these security devices will play a huge role in their performance.

When you hire someone or try this as a DIY gig you may easily skip significant steps, which can make the systems fail or unreliable.

The top reason you should hire an expert home security installation like SY King Locksmith over a DIY approach. So, you’ll have confidence that the home security devices you have set up will function as intended. Well, these are the best ways for increasing home security, if you have any questions please call us right of way.


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