Home Door Locks Repair and Maintenance Tips for Winter

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Home Door Locks Repair and Maintenance Tips for Winter

Home door locks repair and maintenance get more common during winter months since the heavier the winter, the greater the problem! Moisture builds up inside the keyhole because of the daily snow and rain will freeze your security door locks. In extreme climate conditions, you can’t often insert the key in the hole. In the best scenario, you won’t turn the key, but if it does, then the key may break. Or it just won’t open the door.

So, you will experience a house lockout and stand outside during the winter’s fury. You will have the same issues with the vehicle locks and experience a sudden car lockout in Orlando. If you park outside at home or work instead of the cozy garage, one day you will find that the key won’t open the door or the trunk. That is awful news, particularly if you are in a rush for work or have an appointment to attend.

Yes, knowledge can become a great tool to prevent winter door lock issues. If you know the impacts of winter on locks, you will have the measures to prevent a lockout or a suddenly broken key.

Therefore, let’s prevent winter lock issues with some precaution steps!

Frozen Door Locks

Frozen door lock

Home frozen locks happen when the door or lock gets stuck in ice. If you don’t deal with it properly, you can damage the door or lock permanently. One approach to get the lock working again is to use a hairdryer to melt the ice around the door opening. To keep this from occurring from the start, ensure your home doesn’t have any ventilation issues or gaps in the door opening. It might likewise be an ideal opportunity to put in new locks.

Common logic may tell you to warm your lock with hot water since many people think this will work. It will and won’t. While hot water may defrost the lock and permit it to open, it only works for a short time. Hot water can damage your locks and once the water cools, it will freeze your lock again, furthering corrosion or rust because of the metal of a lock.

Broken Door Lock Keys

broken door lock keys

This issue can catch you off-guard since is so unexpected. You insert your key into the lock, turn, and it snaps. The freezing climate can make keys brittle, particularly for old keys. This is bad for both the key (which you need to replace) and the lock (with the key stuck inside). You can remove broken keys from locks by either using a pair of tweezers or by taking out the lock.

If the key is difficult or you don’t think you can remove it without making things worse, call an expert Orlando locksmith. The expert will have the tools requires to remove the key. They can also help with key copies, just in case you only have one key. Besides, ensuring you have new keys (and a copy set of them) can help prevent a broken key issue later.

Residential Lockout

One of the worst times to experience a lockout is during winter, because of the harsh temperatures. Installing a new lock, for example, a smart lock can assist you with winter lock issues.

Mostly, because smart locks don’t need a key. You can also give your trusted neighbor, friend or relative a copy set of keys. Lastly, a locksmith in Orlando can assist you with getting back into your home or recommend some winter lock tips like below.

Winter lock maintenance tips

Home door locks repair and maintenance

The best way to avoid door lock issues during winter is lubrication. It’s straightforward to lubricate locks during wintertime. However, if you want to avoid the issues from the start, it’s ideal to lubricate locks before winter arrives. It will prevent ice from accumulating inside the keyhole.

Remember the dust and oil from fingers build up in locks the entire year and in combination with moisture and ice can make a nasty combination. We recommend cleaning and lubricating the lock before winter. Or, the lock will freeze and you would need to heat the key so it slowly melts down the ice. Then you can insert the key without breaking it.

Things will get more difficult if you have old keys and locks. This will mean the locks will have more dust and the keys will have more wear and tear. Thus, the best time for home door locks repair and maintenance is before the cold months arrive. Changing old locks besides keeping them clean and lubricated will save you from using the hairdryer during winter months.


If you need a door lock repair and replacement before winter contact, SY King Locksmith and put your mind at ease.

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