Home Burglary Statistics to be Aware Of and Tips to Prevent a Break-in

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Home burglary statistics

Home burglary statistics in the United States of America are significant for homeowners concern with home security. You may think a thief is a person dressed in black clothes that sneak around night time peeping inside your windows.

However, what occurs during a burglary differs from what you imagine. We’ve gathered the most-surprising home burglary facts and statistics so you can keep your home and valuables secure.

Allow our residential locksmith in Orlando top security experts to enlighten you with some peculiar burglary stats:

Most burglaries happen in the day not the night

Burglaries happen in the day not the night

You’d think burglars would like the cover of night, but 65% of burglaries occur between 6 am and 6 pm. Nighttime burglaries occurred—between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. — accounted for much less of all burglaries.

Burglars realize they’ll draw less attention walking around an area or apartment during the day versus around night time. Plus, they know many people work during the day, allowing them to break-in without resistance unless you have great deterrents.

Tips-Always use a deadbolt lock and keep your doors locked when you’re not at home or changed to a high-security electronic lock if you fear a lost key situation. Also, consider locking your entryways when you’re at home during the day.

Particularly, if you’re working, sleeping, or doing something else that may make it difficult for somebody to tell your home. It likewise helps to park the car outside during the day instead of a hidden place like the garage. Most burglars like a house without occupants.

Burglaries are more prevalent during summer months

A warm climate isn’t only useful for outside fun activities—it’s also perfect for house break-ins. Between June and August, the number of burglaries rises, because of the more daylight hours available. Besides, burglaries don’t like the cold—they would prefer not to walk around when it’s freezing outside.

Security Tips-Don’t relax since the climate is nice, and the sunsets later in the day. Usually, longer days open more possibilities for criminals to work, so keep doors locked and lookout for suspicious characters in your neighborhood. Most intruders are spying to burglarize your home later-on.

A burglary happens every 22.6 seconds in the US

A burglary happens every 22.6 seconds in the US

According to a 2017 home burglary statistics from the FBI, a burglary occurs every 22.6 seconds in the US, making it the second-most frequent crime behind larceny-theft.

Tips- if you believe you’re safe since burglaries happen to other people it may be an ideal time to change your point of view. Luckily, you can lower your probability of turning into a target or casualty by keeping costly things like boats, bikes, and ATVs stored in your garage.

And using fences, walls, and shrubbery to make it difficult to get inside your home. That’s perimeter security at its finest. When you have a security system or a guard dog, make sure to use them, too. If you don’t have deterrents, at least add a few security signs and stickers to deter criminal activity.

Burglars love the bedrooms

In a recent report where professional burglars were given a virtual burglary situation, they all went directly to the upstairs bedrooms where they took jewelry and money. Instead of taking TVs, surround systems, and other heavy equipment, they got everything of significant worth that would fit into their pockets, so they wouldn’t draw attention as they left the home.

Tips: Avoid being a victim by keeping valuables in a safe bolted to the floor or wall (or store them in areas where criminals are probably not going to look). It’s a smart idea to keep rare high-value assets like family heirlooms and gold in a safe deposit box at the bank.

The average burglary makes people lose $2,416

Money loss

According to the FBI, if you get burglarized, you will lose an average of $2,416 or about two months of rent or mortgage or two or three weeks of pay. For many people that live check to check—that is a difficult loss to recover from. And it’s only one of many damaging impacts of burglary, such as the emotional toll it can take on sensitive people.

Tips: Many victims of burglaries state that they didn’t prepare for burglary because their home or apartment, have restrictions on the number of security measures they could take without breaking the rental agreement.

Luckily, even if you’re not the owner, there are a lot of things you can do to secure a property. Cheap wireless security systems and cameras, door jammers, high-security locks, electronic locks, and even window curtains can lower your chances of being burglarized.

Home Burglary Statistics Conclusion

Regardless if you’re away for the day, on an errand, or a week on vacation, make sure to keep your home secured and as an undesirable target for a criminal. A home security system and high-security locks help increase your house protection while you are away.

You can arm your alarm system when you leave on a trip or at work with a live video sent to your smartphone. By knowing a criminal mind, you can prepare for anything they throw.

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