history of kwikset company

Kwikset is one of the leading companies in residential locks, created by Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart in 1946.  They first designed pin tumbler locks and moved on to the tubular lock, which ended revolutionizing the residential locksmith industry. They named the company after this invention as this lock was quick to install and serve. We her at Sy Locksmith Orlando know the value and quality that this brand offers, so let us tell you more!

Within a few years, the company took off, after the war housing needs demanded residential locks. In 1957, Kwikset becomes a subsidiary of American Hardware Corporation (AHC) of New Britain, CT. This partnership worked as AHC was the leader of the commercial and industrial lockset industry while Kwikset became the number one manufacturer of residential locks.

Never Ending Lock Inventions!

Between 1958 and 1964, Kwikset developed different inventions like the K” key design, and soon after, the company introduced a revolutionary new plastic coating that would protect the finishes on brass and bronze sets.

The company pioneered in the design of a new Kwikset rekeying kit, which included sets of Kwikset pins applicable to all of their locksets, offering customers the option of changing their own locks and keys.

In 1960, a new type of lock “Kwik-see” plastic once again set this company apart from its competition. The clear packaging was another revolutionary idea in the industry.

In 1964, Kwikset introduces to the market the “Kwik-See” clear packaging and wins first place awards in every category of merchandise, as it was yet another revolutionary idea in the locking industry.

AHC merges with Emhart Manufacturing Corporation and allows Kwikset to expand their manufacturing facilities to meet growing industrial demands. 25 years later, in 1989, Emhart corporation was purchased by Black and Decker, this also included the Kwikset division. With this new acquisition, a new manufacturing facility was located in Texas, there not only Kwikset parts were produced, but also parts for Price-Pfister faucets and Black & Decker tools.

Major Security Breakthrough

In 1992, after 40 years of innovating residential locks, Kwikset developed its higher-quality, and high-security Titan product line. This line was for consumers who were demanding high-quality products. This Titan line gave the corporation a new direction.

In 1998, Kwikset Titan introduces a remote keyless entry deadbolt and handle set to the public. This invention set the industry for a new category of convenience-oriented security products. During this time, Titan line introduced luxury and stylized lockset under the brand The Society Brass collection.

In 2000, The line that featured keyless entry was again expanded. The new systems included not only wireless keypads which could be coded for entry, they also included a new security feature of remote lighting.

In 2001, Kwikset division introduced the  Kwik-Install, by manufacturing the units with pre-installed screws to help locksmiths with their “KWIK” installation. Around this time, Kwikset Titan line offered three new and different brands, each with a higher level of security. These were:

  • Kwikset Security
  • Kwikset Maximum Security
  • Kwikset UltraMax Security.

Another expansion!

The company expands in 2003 when Black & Decker purchased Baldwin Hardware and Weiser Lock from the Masco Corporation. They expanded to bath and door hardware collections.

In 2005, with almost 60 years in the market, Kwikset partners up again with Price Pfister to create the Kwikset UltraMax Signatures product line. This beautiful collection featured stylish faucets, door hardware and bath accessories, including finishes in Pewter, Venetian Bronze and Iron Black.

First Smart lock!

smart locks

In 2007, Kwikset introduces the first high tech device. The SmartScan, which is a keyless security lock, based on biometrics.  This device uses a fingerprint scanner to grant access to residences.  Also, this year the Smart Key, re-key became available to the general public, giving the masses the option to re-key their own locks in a very convenient way.

From 2008 until nowadays, Kwikset has continued to launch next generation, high tech high-security products for all kinds of consumer’s needs. Innovation, creativity, and dedication to style are some of the adjectives that best describe Kwikset. For almost 75years, this company has earned a lot of popularity and trust due to its stunning advancements.