Garage door repairs and maintenance doesn’t seem like something essential in your home cares at first glance. In most cases, a garage door fix is often unheard of because garage doors have robust parts and quality functioning.

But garage doors weigh a lot and have many moving parts that after some time can wear down. Therefore, garage doors need proper maintenance to ensure they keep working efficiently for many more years. If you don’t do regular garage door repairs and maintenance then you’ll find a door that won’t work or function correctly causing a lot of money and energy losses.

However, significant fixes on a garage door should be left to garage door repair Orlando specialists. But homeowners can assume some responsibilities of basic inspections and support. Doing this before can help recognize any issues that can prompt serious damages.

Let’s check out a maintenance guide that homeowners can do to guarantee that their garage door stays in great condition.


Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubricate Moving Garage Door Parts

To improve the lifetime of your garage door, consider keeping the hinges, rollers, and all other moving parts of the door properly lubricated. Proper lubrication lessens the stress on these moving parts, and the entire door itself. Homeowners should apply quality lubricant on these parts at least two times per year.

Applying white lithium grease spray is useful to hinges and rollers. However, make sure to clean any excess. Consider using penetration solutions for movable garage door parts that seized up. When they get free, you can apply the lithium grease.

Also, lubricating the spring system of your garage door is significant. Lubricate the pulleys for the extension spring system and the bearing for the torsion-spring system. Remember, by keeping the torsion spring oiled up, it assists the garage door to run more effectively. Don’t use any oil or lubricants on a belt-drive opener.


Garage Door Repairs and maintenance- Inspect tracks


Check the tracks on both sides of the garage door to guarantee they have no rust and free from any dirt and debris. The buildup of debris like dirt can cause the failure of the rollers, bearings, and springs. Using a damp cloth to clean will give good results. If you’re dealing with a sticky residue, consider using a quality solvent metal cleaner.

For cold climates, snow buildup can often mean attention. You can use a level to test whether the garage door tracks are vertical along their sections. While homeowners can do most minor DIY projects, a specialist should do significant track adjustments.


Check Garage Door Opener for Safety Features

Lift-Master-Garage door opener

Garage door openers made after 1993 should have auto-reverse features that stop and reverse the door’s direction when there is a person or thing in the door’s way. The security measure activates by the photo-eyes installed on both sides of the door. Think of putting these photo-eyes at about 6 inches off the ground and clean them carefully with a dry cloth. Make sure not to scratch the photo-eyes since there made of glass and can get damaged.

You can test the force setting by putting an object in the garage door path. When the door contacts the object, it should reverse and resume the open position. Garage door openers that do not have these features need a replacement or a change.


Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance -Test for door balance


Keeping both the garage door and the opener in great condition also means inspecting their balance. An unbalance door means the garage door opener works more, which lowers the lifespan.

Test the balance by pulling the release handle on the opener and changing it to manual mode. Ensure to keep the door halfway open, and when it is well-balanced, it will keep up that position. When you notice any movement, then the door needs an adjustment.

It could show that it is time for a garage door springs replacement, too. Spring fixes shouldn’t be left to rookies or as a DIY gig, consider hiring experts instead. One wrong fix and the garage door can fall or the spring can come off causing bodily damage or worst, death.


Tighten all hardware

garage door tools-wrench

Vibrations and constant movement of the door cause the loosening of the equipment after some time. Inspect the door fasteners, screw, and track brackets and keep them tight. A wrench proves to be useful in fixing any free bolts on the garage door.


For serious garage door repairs and maintenance or an upgrade, please contact SY King Locksmith!