So, can a garage door lock installation and other deterrents help protect your garage? Particularly if you store expensive tools, cars, and much more in your garage? I think so!

Think of this scenario, it’s a Friday night and you’re fixing something with your new tools outside your carport. You do not consider the person walking down the road, assuming that the person is a neighbor.

However, the person is a thief, and he/she is looking at your power tools. Most burglars know many people pay little attention to their carport security. They think the garage isn’t as secure as the rest of your home, and they can exploit that flaw.

That criminal is right. Most owners worry about their money and jewelry getting taken than they do about their leaf blowers and power tools in the carport. However, as one of the most vulnerable and profitable parts of a home, the carport is a grand target for burglary.

These locksmiths in Orlando top security tips will assist you with securing your garage door:

Why a new garage door lock installation?

A new garage door lock installation will secure your current garage door, meaning the old lock is lacking security or that new lock installation offers more protection. It takes a great deal of strength and sturdiness to lock a carport and why a garage door lock proves to be useful.

The reason that you may require a garage door lock is because of your carport stores your vehicle, power tools and valuables an intruder can take. Significantly, protect your valuables with a sturdy garage door lock.

Consider the following factors while picking the best garage door lock installation

Red garage door lock installation

Locking mechanism: the garage door lock needs to work for a particular style, for example, a keyless one or a keyed one. A common type is keyed.

Yet, some garage door locks can unlock using a keyless entry system, for example, fingerprint scanning and keypad entry for a passcode. Regardless of the lock that you pick, it should work well with the garage door you have.

Backup keys: if you need to have a keyless lock, it should have a backup key system so that it will be accessible even during a blackout or when the batteries have died.

More lock features

Keys included (if keyed): if the garage door lock has a keyed system, it should bring at least 2 keys or have a re-keying system that makes it straightforward for you to duplicate keys and change the key at the opportune time. Both the included keys need to be robust and reliable.

Material and durability: consider a sturdy lock with a decent finish material. These locks can’t rust and needs to resist lock picking, hammered or drilled to shield your garage from burglars.

Usability: ensure you purchase a garage door lock that is straightforward to use so the user won’t have a lot of issues with locking and opening it. Consider a lock with easy-to-use guidelines on operations.

Shield Your Lock

The Garage Shield

Because of YouTube videos, we know how simple it is for a burglar with a coat hanger to open your garage door easily. Some security experts suggest using a zip tie or cutting your emergency release cord to prevent being targeted, but that significantly lessens your garage door safety.

Luckily, there’s a superior solution. A Garage Shield covers your garage door’s emergency release cord, making it unlikely for a criminal to use it to break in. It’s cheap and simple to install, but it enhances your garage door security while keeping you and your family safe from home emergencies.

Close the Door         

We know this tip appears to be straightforward. However, if you drive through any residential neighborhood, you will probably see a couple of open garage doors with no occupant’s insight. An open garage door is an open invitation to thieves.

If you often forget to close your garage door, consider installing a garage door sensor or an automatic garage door closer. A sensor can let you know whether you left the door open or shut, and closer will automatically close the carport after a specific amount of time.

For significantly more security, consider installing an automatic garage door lock to automatically lock your garage door every time you shut it.

Secure Your Service Door

garage door- service door lock upgrade

Thieves like a decent side door where they can do their break-in away from witnesses. They can bypass most garage service doors with standard locks with a powerful well-placed kick. However, with a few upgrades to your service door, you will keep a criminal out.

Toughen up your door security with a deadbolt, and remember that your entryway’s most fragile point is the strike plate, where the lock meets the door. Replace the strike plate with a reinforced one and use at least 3-inch screws to secure it.

Also, when you’re looking for locks, consider a single-sided deadbolt. These locks have either a thumb turn or keyhole within and a sturdy plate on the outside so burglars can’t pick them.


If you have any questions on any lock installation for your garage or service door either traditional key or electronic locks please call SY King.