A garage door installation in Orlando is one of the best home improvement projects you can do in your modern home. Often, these doors are the most worked doors in your home but disregarded, and as a result, one of the least safe. Garage doors weigh between 200 to 400 pounds and raised and lowered down a few times every day via garage door opener and springs. Two pressure spring enables the garage door to perform its operations. And if it breakdowns, it can cause serious or even fatal injuries to people or pets.

Ultimately, garage door mechanical parts wear out, or the door itself shows indications of wear because of the extremes of climate and everyday use. An inspection performed by our expert who specializes in garage door repair in Orlando, FL, is the first step. But, you can do more!

Listed below are reasons not to do a DIY project and five garage door safety tips to guarantee the save installation and lifespan of your new garage door system.

Don’t do a DIY garage door installation in Orlando!

finger injury from DIY garage door installation in Orlando gig

A garage door installation isn’t a DIY gig that straightforward to do. DIY garage door installation mistakes result in around 1,600 injuries every year. Yes, YouTube videos make it look simple, but that individual knows the process. When you attempt something similar yourself, you’ll see how much more difficult it appears. Our experts have both expertise and years of experience installing garage doors. Experts can ensure they installed the door accurately, and that it works correctly, and that can save you much time and headaches.

Installing a garage door requires specific tools, and they’re not the tools you have hidden in your shed. A great deal goes into mounting a garage door. You need to align the photo eye, secure the door opener, wire everything appropriately, balance the weight of the entryway, and install the springs, pulleys, and cables. An expert will have both the correct parts and the right tools to do this proficiently and effectively.

You’ll also spend more money if you commit an error while doing a DIY garage door installation in Orlando

It’s straightforward to commit errors with a garage door installation DIY project the first time you try it. Yet, errors equal spending more cash. If you mess something up the first time, you must re-buy the parts and call your helper again to start all over.

Since experts have the correct tools and expertise, they can install the door with no mistakes along the way. These labor upgrades help you save cash plus saves you valuable time too. An expert will ensure to set all parts up regarding the manufacturer’s recommendations and industry safety guidelines.

Quality parts

house with open garage door

Reliable garage door experts install parts that permit safe operations over time and everyday use. Installing heavy-duty hinges and ball bearing rollers, plus multiple struts for added door reinforcement, you increase the life of the system. High-quality steel springs add to a reliable and safe operation that lower the wear of the garage door opener system.


Springs serve as the counterbalance of a garage door and enable it to open and close effectively. Quality springs bring a safety containment cable that reaches out the length of the spring, preventing it from causing damage should it snap. The springs need to resist corrosion and bring a warranty. Don’t do a DIY spring repair for many reasons including its dangerous.

Tamper-resistant brackets

The brackets situated over the bottom of the door are connected with the springs and are under much tension. It is hazardous for an untrained individual to free or fix the brackets. So, makers have added equipment that results in making them tamper-resistant. Only an expert with the maker’s tool can make changes.

Pinch-resistant joints

Finger accident

Pinched or crushed fingers, because of hands getting caught between the section joints, are the most well-known injuries caused by an insecure garage door. You may find pinch-resistant joints as an added safety highlight in quality garage doors.

Track replacement

Old tracks may save a couple of dollars but these inferior parts don’t merit the safety hazard. When replacing a garage door system, ensure to replace the track too. Not only will the old track not fit properly with the new door system, yet it could likewise impact its operations and lifespan.

Search for a dependable company that performs garage door installation in Orlando, like SY King Locksmith. Request an estimate before consenting to any services the specialist suggests.