We at SY King Locksmith in Orlando realize of all the innovation you use every day; you probably pay the minimal consideration to the mechanical wonders that keep your home secure. Locks and keys have been around for millenniums. However, today locks are experiencing a rebirth—from mechanical to electronic, from a bright to biometric.

The truth, it is an extraordinary advancement in security since the creation of the wooden pin lock. Where the first locks enabled the early humans in history to leave valuables unattended, the locks of the future could serve as attendants, for example, from personalizing security to remote tracking who is entering and leaving the building.

Where the original locks gave people the ability to leave possessions unattended, the locks of the future could serve as attendants themselves, personalizing security and keeping track of who is coming and going. So, allow Orlando Locksmith experts show you how people are switching from conventional locks to the future; smart locks:

Why switch to smart locks?

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To home security, the protection of your home from the increased number of crimes (burglary) across the nation remains critical. To burglars, houses are still soft targets for unapproved entries. It is a top cause behind why home security is so essential to every home. Smart biometric entryway locks put a hindrance on criminal activities. For instance, some August entryway locks come outfitted with the Bluetooth sensor which detects the difference between the house owner and the stranger.


Schlage series has worked with biometric security features too. For example, if the intruder tries three wrong attempts for opening the door, the entryway lock triggers an alarm. Smart locks started as a fad but now can control the crimes in most parts of the nation. Individuals are beginning to lean toward these locks over the traditional ones for their home security features.

Smart locks give intruder protection

Smart entryway locks give security since it helps controls the front door of your home. The digital and keyless locks provide a feeling of protection to a busy homeowner. Home security is fundamental for restricting criminals and keeping your assets and family safe. Likewise, money related loses can be avoided with the assistance of smart locks in this modern time. The customary entryway locks have many issues that have people switching.


It makes your home vulnerable against security threats including forced entry techniques like kicking and bypassing methods like lock bumping. Smart biometric entryway locks won’t just limit but restrict burglar’s bypass techniques. If a burglar attempts to kick a door with a smart lock, the alarm can sound off, or if the lock doesn’t sense the right key or password, then the lock will send the homeowner an intruder alert.

Monitoring features

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Back then and today not much has changed when it comes to home security since people still want to guard their belonging in one location. If your house gets protected with keyless entryway locks or biometric smart locks, then you have the option to screen the lock from a remote location. It is a top advantage for the home since smart entryway locks get furnished with safety features that help monitor guests from far.


The first section to protect in homes remains the front entryway of your house. Professionals install smart biometric entryway locks in the conspicuous spot (front door) to increase the security of the house. For the most, burglars attack windows and the front entryways. Numerous smart entryway locks monitor an unoccupied home.

Peace of mind

Home security gives a feeling of serenity to your family and yourself. A typical person wants peace of mind at home. If the harmony is absent, then the person life would be disturbed. So smart entryway locks are the key player since they control the movement of your front doors.

Moreover, they enable the homeowner to be the sole person for protecting the house. Most are outfitted with security software’s that stop the element of a security breach.


Locks make a considerable difference for safety

Locksmith in Orlando


For higher quality lock installation that has an increasingly complex mechanism, it is a bright idea to request the assistance of an expert locksmith. Employing an authorized and licensed locksmith will make a big difference in security.

When a home is not secured the correct way, a home can be attacked by intruders who will take all profitable hardware and materials on the property. So it is critical to utilize sturdy locks that are appropriately installed by professionals.