Getting lockout of the home happens to everyone including a few locksmiths in Orlando. It’s a feeling of despair and annoyance that occurs when you least expect it. One minute you’re hurrying out of the house to get something from the car and the next minute the door behind you slams shut. Well, it’s a moment of panic for some and an unpleasant scenario for all.

As Orlando Locksmith specialists, unlocking homes, offices, and, cars is among the most frequent things we do. I’m not going to lie most professionals with conviction don’t like this scenario as much as replacing locks and helping keep the house secure. It doesn’t feel right to leave the same lock in place because of a common mistake, but it’s our job. So I would like to share a couple of ideas about how to prevent getting locked out of your home again.


Replace your doorknob with a keyless doorknob

Blue door with a deadbolt

The only way to get locked out from the house unless you lost the keys outside, is by locking the interior doorknob and taking off without the key.

We do not even notice it is locked but once we return we discover that we are locked outside. It doesn’t matter how prepared people are it happens all the time. So replace your door doorknob with a keyless deadbolt, the only way to locking the door is using a key thus it lessens the chances of a lockout.

Though having two locks in the door is much far better than one, the doorknob does not increase the home’s security as much as the deadbolt. So keeping the deadbolt remains a sound solution. Doorknob locks have a weakness; burglars tend to hit the knob with a hammer or by force to bypassed it for quick access while deadbolts won’t be that easy to beat.


Give a spare key to a neighbor, friend, or family member


Trusted friend


The idea of giving a key to stranger worries you then you’re not alone. But do you have a trusted neighbor, family member, or friend? Perfect then tell them to keep a spare key and use it for a rainy day. A trusted neighbor can work better than a lockbox. Allowing your neighbor to have an extra house key is a fantastic method.

A close family member or friends also is an excellent idea as they can assist you in checking out your home. For example, gasoline leaks, flood, emergency, and, of course, burglary are things a friend could call the police for and send a message to you to come back.


Keeping a spare key in your car


The recommendation only works if you separate your home and car keys. Separating the car key and the home passkey is a fantastic strategy. So hide a spare house key in the house and a spare car key in the vehicle. It also works as a strategy for car keys since if you get locked out at work. Luckily you could call someone to the home to come to drop off the extra key you hid at home. For this to work, you’ll probably want to buy a lanyard keychain as you could easily carry it around your neck.

There’s a downside for the technique of leaving a spare in the car, requiring you to be cautious. If a vehicle thieve decide to break into the car, then the offender will find access to your home. Make sure to hide the key using a magnetic key-box, so it’s impossible to see.


Change your locks to smart locks or electronic


Gateman electronic lock

A smart lock doesn’t need a key to work as it unlocks by many other ways. Smart locks arrive in many forms such as a keypad, fingerprint, combination, and even eye scanning locks. Some also work with keys too.

Do a little research and make sure that it’s a high-quality lock that you install and fits your requirements. You have many ways to opening the door including using your smartphone from home. Also, opening the lock with an app from anywhere that has WI-FI service.

Also, unlock your doorway using Bluetooth and have control keyless access to keep tabs on who goes and comes to your home. However, often you need to have your smartphone on you. But most people carry their phone all the time so no worries.