Five Tips For Choosing Locks

The locksmith industry has four major areas: residential locksmiths, commercial locksmiths, car locksmith and emergency locksmiths. Each segment performs different tasks that suit every need. However, the fact that these services are different, companies do offer more than one line of business. We even provide Garage Door Services but be cautious not every locksmith are experts at this. If you are not in Orlando, we recommend a good garage door repair in Clearwater, FL, if you are near that area.

Best locks

Although not every key professional offers all the locksmith services, most professionals can guide you through answering questions such as what are the best locks in the market or how to replace a key. That is why today Sy King Locksmith will provide you five tips to choose the best home lock.
According to the FBI statistics from 2016, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the U.S. This means that by the time you finish reading this article, about nine residences will have been burglarized somewhere in America.
These facts can give the Goosebumps to anyone, that is why choosing a home lock is crucial for your home security and the security of your loved ones.

So it is time you reconsider your home security options?

If you are rethinking the security of your locks and you are considering changing them, these five tips will enlighten you into choosing a secure home lock. Remember that if you’re still in doubt after reading this article, make sure to contact your local locksmith to ask further questions and possibly get assistance with the installation of the security device.

  1. Look for a deadbolt for your main entry and garage door.


    Best deadbolts 

Deadbolts are locks that open with a key or a knob. These locks offer security for homes as its locking mechanism can’t be battered, providing maximum resistance to force entry attacks.

Deadbolts are important, 40 percent of burglars get inside of a home through main entries and first floor doors.

The features of a secure deadbolt are:

  • The bolt must be made of hardened steel and have a minimum of one-inch throw (the length of the deadbolt that extends into the door jamb. )
  • The collar of the cylindrical locks must be tapered and be free spinning. This action makes the bolt-resistant to pliers or wrench attacks.
  • The screws must be made of solid still and should not be exposed, in other words, they should be on the inside.
  • The connecting pins must have at least ¼ inch in diameter and go into solid metal.
  1. Consider selecting a double cylinder lock

double cylinder lock

There are three different types of deadbolts: The single cylinder deadbolt, the double cylinder lock, and the keyless cylinder lock. The double cylinder locksets are suitable as these bolts are activated through a key from both sides. This means that you require a key to enter and exit your property. Remember to have your key handy, just in the event of an emergency situation.

  1. Don’t take the strike plate for granted

don't forget about the strike plate

The strike plate or door strike is essentially a metal plate that has a hole in it. The function of door strikes is to fasten the door into the frame of the doorway when the door closes. Unlike the common belief that strike plates are merely decorative, security experts say that door strikes door is the weakest spot in a door, as burglars target it open with a crowbar.

When choosing your lockset, make sure you look for a heavy metal strike that has four dowels of at least three inches long, this will ensure that the strike plate is firmly attached to the door.

  1. Lock into digital locks

Best digital locks

Security and technology go hand and hand today. Digital locks can guarantee you that key bumping and lock picking is off the table, as these smart locks have no keyholes to be picked.

There are different types of digital locks in the market including pushbutton locks, fingerprint locks, and remote-controlled locks. Remember, so digital locks have a secondary entry mechanism that may include a key system. Make sure that there are no keyholes in the bolt you chose.

  1. Don’t forget about the door

Door deadbolt lock

Don’t spend a lot of money on new security locks if your door is hollow. Burglars can have easy access to your home by just kicking the door down. Make sure that your entry has a solid core or also look for a metal door.