Locksmith in Orlando has concerns of how criminals break into homes as it cost homeowners a lot of cash.

The most critical parts of finding an ideal approach to secure an entryway are knowing the dangers you’re going to face.

You should do a home security hazard audit to get a feeling of your present level of protection.

And also foresee the kinds of dangers your home might be most helpless against notably when it comes to door security.

If you don’t push to find the specifics of your security needs, then you don’t care about your security.

Try not to roll out an improvement without knowing why you were upgrading as it will make you invest wrongly.

Not only does it takes your money but could decrease your protection so ask your neighborhood Orlando locksmith for advice.

So, let me show you the primary things your lock has to tolerate before you decide it’s the right one.



A favorite for low-level criminals is kicking or striking assaults.

Well, most criminals will use these animal power strategies mostly with their feet, a ram, or a shoulder strike.

The kind of power that will tear off the strike plate of the door.

The hinges also won’t handle the power especially if a battery ram gets used.

Kicks can break the door too so getting a deadbolt that withstands force becomes crucial.

Battery ram



Now to sidestep a protected entryway implies that there is an imperfection of the bolt or the criminal has skills.

It enables the thief to open the entryway without applying force to the door.

Bypassing a lock could be a manufacturing defect or an expert criminal.

The most well-known case of sidestepping entryways is the credit card strategy.

But they don’t deserve the credit as these mishaps have more to do with how the entryway bolt was manufactured.



Maybe you see a scene of an action movie where they break into a bank safe by drilling a hole.

Well, criminals have found an effective strategy and only requires a device accessible to all of us at a hardware store.

They will both bore the center of the lock, or maybe they will attack standard points.

Only a skill criminal will know the drill points to penetrate; however, that level of skill is to a degree uncommon.

More likely the sound of these assaults will echo loudly.

Usually, when the bolt is too hardened to bore, the overall crushing sound of metal on metal is probably going to pull attention.



Most cutting assaults are centered on the throw bolt of the deadbolt.

Throw bolt is a metal that your deadbolt reaches out into the strike plate.

Some are easy to cut that even a hand saw will do the job.

The achievement of these assault relies upon the metal material of your locks and the hole between the entryway and the frame.

Pick a heavy-duty deadbolt as it brings more metal than regular bolts.

Lock Picking

A technique criminals use to open your doors and make it look like you left your doors open its called lock picking.

However, unpopular as it might sound yet imperative to think about your bolt’s pick protection.

You have to consider a lock that will handle this secret operation.

But not all crooks have the skills to learn the technique; still, you never know.

There no such thing as a unpick lock, but some bolts out there are hard to pick open or not yet open.

It’s difficult to tell when your entryway has been open and maybe only a locksmith can say when it did happen.


So enlist a locksmith to change your locks.

The truth, when criminals use one of these strategies, and your lock fails, then you will have to pay for your things again or worse.

Sometimes when any of these things happen, you may not know until it’s too late.

Some people don’t change their deadbolts because they heard of improper installation.

It’s the most well-known breakdown alongside mistreatment.

Furthermore, an expert locksmith can teach you proper ways of taking care of your deadbolt.

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