Do you misplace or lose the car keys and frequently Google locksmith near me for assistance? Moreover, do you typically waste a lot of time looking for lost vehicle keys? Or regularly run late to work or even late to pick up your kid’s from school because your always looking for your car fob? Often, misplaced or lost vehicle keys will cause time and money losses, plus the energy you invest trying to find them. If you’re tired of paying out several hundreds of dollars for car key replacement services in Orlando, then it is time to take care of business.


One quick solution is to contact a local Orlando car locksmith and have them make some duplicate keys. You can store those extra keys somewhere safe and available for later use. Making spare car keys will enable you to quickly get back in the driver’s seat if you ever lose your keys. Furthermore, you could follow a couple of hints to counter losing your vehicle keys.


Pick the right storage location for your car keys

Keys hanging from hooks, on light wall background


It is essential to get organized with regards to car keys. If you live in a family house with more than one car in the garage, you can’t afford to lose your keys. Throwing or leaving your keys everywhere and hope to recover them later is a bad habit that’s asking for trouble.

You have to assign exceptional storing places for your keys. Develop a great habit and always place your keys in that specific area when they’re not being used. Since losing your keys around the house puts you in a disadvantage, especially when theirs an emergency.

Use a key hook when you enter the house, and you will never need to remember where you left the keys again. Moreover, if the key hook idea isn’t right for you then use a small cabinet and keep it next to the door.

Stop tossing your keys everywhere when you return home, use these storage ideas, and then go to the sofa and relax.

Key Finding App

Innovation has progressed significantly during the last years. Now you can use key finding apps that will enable you to find misplaced or lost vehicle keys, smartphones, and, even wallets. These applications depend on your geolocation to locate the nearest cellphone tower to detect the location of your keys.


Practice memory tricks

Memory tricks

Practice memory tricks and keep your brain from wandering throughout your daily tasks. Take a moment to visualize where you leave your keys and imagine why it is so essential to know their location. Picture yourself walking past the front entryway and putting your keys into the assigned key rack or a clothes hanger hook.


Focus on the vehicle exiting process, too. Often, your mind can drift while answering a phone call or messaging a friend to make plans. On the other hand, you might bring groceries, and your objective may change when you enter your home. Make sure you don’t lose yourself and forget to get the keys out of the starter. Many people unintentionally lock themselves out of their vehicles; without an extra key nearby. They may need to call friends or towing services to help instead of doing the other best thing, calling a locksmith.


Quick tips


Preventative tip before the lockout-First, call a car locksmith if you don’t have spares. Then tell them to make an extra key to your vehicle so you could utilize for an emergency. Now, place the extra key inside the magnetic key holder. However, remember some vehicle thieves know about this trick. So make sure you put it under the car but far where they can’t just reach and take it.

Good hope-Call your trusted friend or family member to drop off the extra key you gave them to keep for a rainy day. They may take a couple of hours to contact you, depending on your region from home. However, it is the least expensive solution.

Rescue-Call an emergency locksmith service. Locksmith services are now mobile and work 24-hours and come to your car under 30 minutes.