We all think that choosing the best bolt in the market will keep us safe from burglars, but the truth is that even best lock in the world will be unsafe if the door hardware is weak. Sy king and Orlando Locksmith team know that choosing door hardware may not be the most exciting item to pick. Either a top of your interior design list, but you would be surprised at how important this seemingly small choice is.

door hingesSelecting the correct hardware for your doors can affect your family and security. As an example, old worn equipment can leave your space vulnerable to break-ins. If you are planning a home remodel, picking the correct hardware for your doors means a difference between your area looking polished or odd looking. Today, Locksmith in Orlando brings you what you need to learn about this subject. So, let’s begin with the essential door hardware components.

There are many different door hardware components found in the market. But for instance, hinges, screws, strike plates, floor locks, security chains and peepholes enhance security door security to the max.


hinges on a wood door


We’ve all seen and know how a hinge looks like and we certainly understand the purpose of hinges inside the door systems. But what you probably don’t know is that they offer burglars a weak spot to break in. Now you may understand why exterior doors open inward, so the hinge its located inside the house. About to install an exterior door or upgrade your door security? We strongly recommend you to add three hinges or a single hinge that runs the entire door length.


Screws are essential items in entryway security! They secure locks, hinges and strike plates. Let’s be cautious installing or selecting of our screws since intruders can find their way to remove those and gain access through a side window or door. We recommend you to install security studs since there utilized for exterior doors that open outward. If intruders remove the pins from the hinge, the security studs lock the leaves of the hinges together, preventing the entryway from being removed.

Strike plates

Mostly used for cosmetic purposes the strike plates protect the jamb against friction from the bolt. But these metal plates are usually the weak point in the door hardware. That is why we suggest installing the locks at least one inch away from the door edge. As the longer the distance, the more complicated is to access by spreading the doorframe.


Floor locks, security chains, and peepholes

peepholes for doorThese artifacts complement door hardware security. The purpose of floor locks or police locks is to secure the door at the base. When visiting the hardware store choosing a police lock the factor you need to look at how the lock comes attached. You don’t want to select the floor lock and then not to be able to connect it to your door. Security chains, on the other hand, can provide a weak spot for thieves. So make sure to install it correctly or find a trustworthy locksmith that does if for you.
As for peepholes, these are very secure ways to verify who is at the door without risking your security. Make sure that the peephole is one way only, so the person on the other side of the door can’t have access to see inside the house.

keychain for door