The sturdy deadbolt locks installed by an Orlando Locksmith on your front entryway today likely fill its need. The lock secures, opens, and, it does its job to keep out any undesirable visitors, which is most likely enough.

Smart locks won’t make your home more secure since the internal mechanisms remain the same. However, they will give you more control – so you can lock and open your entryway remotely (regardless of whether you’re home or away). Furthermore, even give “digital keys” to friends, family, and, lawn workers that you usually provide access to your home.

Undoubtedly, you can still utilize a standard key to open a smart lock-equipped entryway. Nevertheless, don’t rush to judge the convenience factor. It is essential mainly when your hands are full of shopping bags, vital documents, or whatever else that makes it an ordeal to search around for your keys.

Yes, smart locks can offer a lot of conveniences when leaving and entering your home. Though there are a couple of things you ought to know about before a locksmith in Orlando, FL installs one on your entryway.

Utilize Good Batteries


Smart locks work with battery power. Batteries are accountable for various things, including the wireless chips, LED lights, and above all, the motor that locks and opens your entryway.

When you trigger the motor in your smart lock, it takes a significant amount of power from the batteries to extend or retract the deadbolt. So the quality of the cells you use can affect how frequently you have to replace them.

You can achieve some success utilizing Duracell or Energizer industrial batteries since it gives more power than other cheap brands. Surely, if you don’t lock and open your entryway much every day, battery quality may not be as significant.

Ensure your door closes properly

Particularly in old houses many entryways are misaligned and cause an issue of not closing appropriately. Usually, you have to push on your entryway to bolt it. For that reason, you’ll have to address that issue first before setting up a smart lock.

When you lock and open your entryway remotely, the deadbolt will need to extend and retract freely without any impediments. Or else, the smart lock will jam up and not work right.

Many issues can cause a misaligned entryway, so contract an expert to fix it before installing your smart lock.

Smart Locks have significant thumb turn plates

Smartphone remote access a smart lock

The thumb turn on conventional deadbolts doesn’t take much room, making it inconspicuous and low-key overall. Nonetheless, because of the electronics incorporated with a smart lock, the inside thumb turn device is significant compared with a conventional lock.

Often, not an issue, unless you have some sort of decorative trim on your entryway that placed near the lock, then a smart lock may not fit correctly.

So, ensure that there’s a lot of room around your entryway locks, particularly above them, so a smart lock can comfortably fit without a problem.


Purchase the same brand of lock your house presently uses

Some lock brands use diverse style pins inside the lock cylinder. It means if you want to utilize the same key on all your locks around your home, those locks would all need to be made by the same maker. Or else, you’ll be carrying around two different keys.

Keep your conventional deadbolt too

Locksmith in Orlando installation of a deadbolt lock

Do you like the convenience factor of a smart lock, but you also want to keep your current deadbolt? Well, you can purchase a smart lock “conversation kit” that transforms your conventional deadbolt into a smart lock.

These smart locks conversation kits comprise of internal mechanism that goes over your current thumb turn. Which gives it keen abilities without entirely replacing the whole lock.

Regardless if you want to continue utilizing your present house keys or merely keeping the outside of your entryway flawless and inconspicuous of extravagant keypads and LED lights. Conversation kits are famous for these above reasons.

First, check with your landlord before setting up your smart lock


If you’re leasing your home or apartment, replacing your lock can be against your rental contract, or even illegal. So it would be an excellent thought to ask the landlord if you can install a smart lock or not.