Common Front Door Lock Installation Issues to Fix Right Away

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White front door lock installation

Regarding front door lock installation and maintenance, ensure the lock is always in good condition. People that visit your home or business every day can see issues with opening your door lock or pushing the door to get inside. A few homeowners and even business owners couldn’t care less about their locks cosmetic appearances, but they should at least be easy to operate.

It is incredible to know that your local Orlando Locksmith can fix every door lock issue. They can fix and replace the lock and parts if necessary. Our locksmith in Orlando experts will share the most common front door lock issues that affect your home or business.

The key gets stuck or broken inside the lock

key stuck in lock

Your key could get stuck because of a misaligned door latch or that a few lock components lack proper lubrication. With a stuck key, forcing it to turn may prompt breaking the key inside the locks.

We comprehend that you are in a hurry to get to a meeting. However, if you notice a stuck key in the lock, don’t try it to open or close; you may wind up aggravating the issue.

Instead, call an expert Locksmith in Orlando to help remove the key and fix the locks.

Slow door locks

Stiffened or slow door locks may happen because of the accumulation of dirt or grime in your locks. If you notice that the handle of your lock is slow or it is difficult to insert the key into the lock. You can insert a cotton swab into the lock to remove the dirt or grime.

To properly lubricate the lock, use a graphite or silicone spray on the lock and never use oil or grease since it can clog during the cold seasons.

Misaligned door latch

wood front door lock installation misaligned latch

If the door latch doesn’t catch the strike plate, it would be difficult to close or lock your door properly. This issue can show up once in a while because of improper installation or screwed hinges, humid climate conditions, or heat.

To fix this issue, check the misalignment and use the correct tools to adjust the strike plates and tighten the door hinges. If it’s not fixable or you don’t have the right tools or skills, call a locksmith specialist.

Faulty front door lock installation

Worn or fallen parts could make the key turn in the lock without pushing the knobs. Then again, if the key will not turn as you insert it into the lock, lubricate the keyhole by spraying graphite.

Most door issues are mechanical and they become faulty with time and wear. Old locks might be difficult because of too much use, lousy installation, and non-maintenance of the locks can also make them faulty.

It is a mechanical issue and needs a specialist that knows how the door mechanism works.

Sticking Lock Fix

Atlantic oil spray

If your door lock sticks when you open or closes it, you may have an issue with the cylinder itself, component or even a broken part. The recommended fix is to use a lubricant, spray the cylinder and check if it’s smooth once more.

However, if it’s broken parts call an expert locksmith to fix it. Please, don’t fix your lock by dismantling it, it may cause more damage.

Winter Lock Repair

Winter lock issues

During winter your locks can also feel the cold air breeze coming through the entryway. The first recommendation is to check if your bottom lock (doorknob) is latching correctly if not, a little fix like strike plate adjustment can help it get fixed. Also, your energy bill can increase if you ignore fixing your problem.

A waterproof pad can likewise help with blocking the cold air coming into your business or home. Lastly, focus on the door closer. Some door closers are old and if it’s leaking, you must replace it. Some of them only need a small fix to adjust the level of the door closing speed and check until your door lock latches. If you need any assistance with your front door lock installation please call your friendly local locksmith, SY King Locksmith.

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