If you have an office, our commercial locksmiths in Orlando experts think there are things to be aware of regarding your workspace. You must provide a safe and secure environment for your workers, however, you also need to have an environment that keeps all the valuables secure too. For example, valuables like computers, laptops, and personal data when you’re not present.

The employees should be a part of your office security plan as it takes the alertness and responsiveness of the entire team to be fruitful. Some office security tips are common sense, for instance, sturdy office door lock installations. However, we frequently get complacent in our everyday routine and may become laid back regarding security.

Here we will show you a few different ways to protect your valuables from being stolen at the workplace.

Hire the right people

Business owners and companies alike usually perform background checks for many safety and security reasons. Since the job of securing your office starts from the people, you hire first. I know you would like to give people second chances but don’t hire a person with a criminal background particularly for theft or robberies. This will help prevent a burglary or theft of your belongings at the workplace.

Perform background checks on all of your current employees, and on new workers whom you want to contract. Burglars and thieves stay away from companies that perform background checks. So, once you include a mandatory background check process you’ll significantly reduce the chances of an incident.

Commercial Locksmiths in Orlando-Use high-security locks

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The following thing that you have to do is install quality locks. Use high-security locks from a respected brand that are made of hardened steel and burglar resistant features.

For example, locks that resist attacks from hammers, drills, bolt cutters, and kicks. Also, consider electronic access control units (ACUs) on all exterior doors but likewise for interior doors that conceal significant information/material behind them.

Use a burglar safe

The next thing that you can use to secure your valuables is to use a safe designed for theft protection. People often put their belonging in an unsecured cupboard overlooking that anyone can take it. You should keep your valuables like a smartphone, wallet, keys, and other things with yourself or secured in a burglar-proof safe.

This also applies to laptops that contain significant information when you’re out to lunch or a quick errand. Leaving those things unattended in an open area even for a moment may prompt a disaster.

Fix broken locks and doors right away

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Don’t assume that a worker will report a broken lock/door to the manager. And don’t trust that these things will get fixed on their own in a couple of days. We recommended this tip and other reliable and trusted locksmith services do too.

Because a broken lock or door needs attention right away to ensure the security of the office. The longer it takes to get them fixed, the more dangerous the situation for everyone. You never know if someone broke them intentionally and waiting for the right time to attack the office!

Restrict office keys

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Provide office keys to the workers who need them. When you give a key to your office to someone, you will give them full access to everything in your workspace. Restricted keys should have a number and signed or marked for when they receive it.

Check with workers a few times a year to ensure that they still have their key. This will help you know that the key to your office isn’t in the wrong hands of untrusted people. Also, ensure that they tell you if they lose their key.

Using a card Access System rather than keys is another method to closely monitor who enters your office and when they exit. Something more than an approach to see the hours your employees work, this will give you the extra security advantage of knowing who went into your office in case something goes wrong.


Following the top advice are simple ways to improve your office security. Yet, you can also invest in a security system to have some eyes monitoring your office. However, even the most secure security system can’t protect your valuables if you don’t follow the above commercial locksmiths in Orlando tips.

The more deterrents you have in place, the more obstacles a criminal will need to overcome. And criminals don’t like hard work since they want something the easy way.