Commercial Locksmith Orlando Uncommon Burglar Prevention Deterrents

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Commercial Locksmith Orlando Uncommon Burglar Prevention Deterrents

Commercial Locksmith Orlando experts will always recommend sturdy high-security locks for front door security. Also, always lock your doors and windows even when you leave for a minute. Yes, we also know burglary of businesses is still common. Installing burglar alarms and sturdy locks are significant in the initial phase in burglar proofing your business just like the home. However, there are many other deterrents you can use or implement to make it difficult for burglars to get inside and escape freely.

Remember, burglars don’t like obstacles or to work hard. Most burglars look for an easy target since they would need to get in, take what they can, and get out quickly. The determined homeowners and business owners who want to keep their homes and businesses safe from criminals have fewer chances of becoming a victim.

Some of these deterrents you can install alone, but some will require the assistance of an expert commercial Locksmith Orlando.

Installation of Surveillance Cameras

surveillance camera installation

People don’t use great devices like surveillance cameras, efficiently or effectively. I know cameras don’t solve crimes directly, but they assist police with catching and prosecuting the perpetrator. Sometimes after a burglary, the well-placed video recording will be the only evidence found at the scene.

Ensure your camera system is working and test the distance from the door or window to the camera. Therefore, ask an employee to stand close to the entryway or desired area of coverage. If you can see their face, then the camera is correctly set.

But if you can’t identify them from the video, it is impossible to recognize a stranger from the video image. Many excellent tapes show only a blur for a face, rendering useless proof for identifying the suspect.

Secure Cash with a burglar-safe

Keeping money safely on-site at business means having a combination of fireproof and burglar-safe. Bolt the safe to the wall or concrete floor from inside the safe, going into sound framing. Consider having it installed by a reliable well-reviewed commercial locksmith Orlando expert. The same precaution tip with alarms codes and electronic locks, change the combination when you fire a disgruntled employee.

You can also deposit overnight money storage into a bank or other secure off-site location every day at the end of the business day. Leaving cash registers open at night is a good sign to would-be intruders that there’s no gain in trying to break inside. Remember, our reliable Orlando Locksmiths offers safe combination changing and vaults opening/ repair/installation services.


Desert cactus

Business owners can use the landscape as an effective deterrent. Thorny shrubs close to windows or even desert cactus can hinder an intruder. Business owners need to cut regular vegetation to prevent a burglar from using it as a hiding place. Plants should never obscure entry points (windows and doors) into your business.

Perimeter security

Prison barbed or razor wire fencing

Keep fencing and concrete walls in decent shape. Monitor and quickly fix any holes in or under your fence line. Spiny shrubbery and cactus are extraordinary when placed at the bottom of your fence, particularly outward of the fence when the situation allows. Whenever you use barbed or razor wire, then ensure it is multiple strands and fixed regularly.

A typical way burglars defeat wire fences is to lay a rug on it. Limit this weakness by using razor wire in strands of three. A burglar can defeat a single-coil easily. Call your local building code to ensure the use of razor wire to pre-existing fences.

Identify and mark property

Many criminals have gotten caught with the victim’s property in their possession, but the unmarked and unidentifiable property kept officers from making an arrest. Besides, not recovering the property, the burglar got away.

Mark all of your significant business property with your company name and address. However, use an approved forensic marking solution only visible under ultraviolet (UV) light. Keep an up-to-date inventory of your product and property, including your office devices like computers, laptops, and even the fleet of trucks. Put a copy in your safe or another area away from the business site.

A quick commercial locksmith Orlando security guideline to follow

Commercial locksmith Orlando security guideline

Set up a daily routine for closing up shop, locking doors and windows, and setting alarms. Likewise, have a trusted employee inspect the company building before opening up a shop.

Make friends with the neighbors that surround you since tight neighbors watch each other’s back.

Consider planning a monthly meeting to talk about issues or ideas that will benefit everyone.

Think of starting a commercial neighborhood watch program.

If a burglar has occurred, train your employees accurately with the tips below:

• Don’t go into the business and contaminate the evidence. The criminal could hide there, and also the police may confuse you with the burglar.

• Don’t open for business until police arrive. Your job is to protect the scene and the evidence until the police finish the investigation.

• Call the police right away.

• Take an inventory of the lost things and cash and get it to the police quickly.

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