Commercial Locksmith Orlando FL best Advice for Victims of an Office Burglary

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Top Commercial Locksmith Orlando FL specialist knows homeowners are not the only victims of burglaries. Business owners are likewise plagued with this crime, and often with worst results. For criminals, attacking an office is more rewarding than the ordinary family home. It means businesses have to be watchful with regards to guarding their property and taking care of their valuables. Nonetheless, managing business break-in remains more complicated than handling home break-ins.

The explanation is straightforward. Businesses need to battle outside threats just as inside dangers too. It implies a business owner will have to take on burglars and employee theft as well. If you have been a victim of an office burglary, then stay with me. Let’s check out locksmiths in Orlando FL comprehensive look into business break-ins. And how can you overcome this horrible incident? Well, with new, improved security deterrents:


Evaluate your present business security plan

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The first thing you will need to do involves assessing your present business security plan. Even though your current security efforts may have failed to stop a break in, there are still some parts of it that you can rescue. For example, if you check your locks and they look perfect, then it means they worked fine. However, if the second story window got broken, then the window was the cause of the burglary. So, you would leave the locks alone or upgrade to high-security locks while looking to improve your window security.

What security deterrents did you have during the crime?


All business properties need to have physical security deterrents set up. For instance, either using high-security front entryway deadbolt locks or a security alarm. However, you have to gear them towards restricting unauthorized access to the building or a specific room. When you’re a victim of a business break-in, it implies that the old security measures weren’t good enough. Preferably, your physical security measures should secure all potential passageways into your office space.

Offices have numerous entrances, and all these access points need strengthening against break-ins. The best way to implement security strategies is to apply them in layers. If you had weak security deterrents set up, they would need an update during your rebuilding efforts.

How are you enforcing your security policies?

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If your employees don’t follow the old office security policies, it means your new security measurement won’t work, too. A business security policy summarizes how the latest security measures will work. It states what needs to be done if security gets breached and the way employees will behave in your office. If no one follows or enforces the new security system, then no one will be afraid to break them, resulting in a break-in or theft. You could have a business meeting every week or at least once a month to discuss your new policies. And have penalties for employees who don’t support them.


Knowing what someone is after will influence the security deterrents you are setting up. For instance, if equipment from your office got taken, you will find a way to protect your expensive gear. Furthermore, if a burglary attempt was identified as an inside job to get information, you will likewise need to update your internal security.


Which entrance points are vulnerable?

Usually, security measures work best when you layer them, for example, from perimeter security to upgrading vulnerable exterior doors. Also, you should investigate which access points of your office space are weak. Most of the time, it is simple to recognize after a break-in, particularly if you have surveillance cameras.

However, if you don’t have cameras, then check the locks, windows, gate or fences, exterior doors, and, interior doors for signs of attacks. Most criminals leave evidence of their work unless they are using a lock bumping technique.

Security efforts

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Fortifying your access points- When you are rebuilding your business security, reinforcing your access point needs to be your top priority. An office burglary implies there was a flaw that leads criminals directly into your office. Most business properties focus only on some entrance points but disregarding others they seem unimportant. All it does is debilitate your business security over the long haul. You can start by installing new high-security deadbolts on “all” your exterior doors, including back doors.

Perimeter security-Fortifying access points remains an essential security effort. However, it accomplishes next to nothing if you don’t secure the perimeter of your business. Thieves and burglars frequently exploit the flaws of building perimeter security to gain easy access to the exterior doors and windows.

Preferably, your perimeter needs to restrict access in such a way that deters thieves from trying to break- in. Probably ideal approaches to do this is to use high-security padlocks on gates and fences. Also, implementing motion sensor cameras on outside doors and dark or hidden places.

Access control-For example, keypad entryway locks are viable access control devices. The reason for executing access control security measures is to guarantee that only the approved employees have access. Mounting these sorts of access control locks at all access point on both interior and exterior of your business will limit the likelihood of somebody breaking in.

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