Commercial Door Security Tips for Increasing your Business Security

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Commercial Door Security Tips



Commercial door security must be taken seriously for your business to keep profiting. Crime and burglary can impact business, and just one incident can cause significant losses. Most commercial doors don’t bring a high-security lock installation or security upgrades necessary to make them secured.

Regrettably, burglars can bypass many commercial door locks in a few minutes to break into a business. So, to improve your commercial door security, you must do the same things you do to strengthen residential doors. But many homeowners are new to business locks and their doors. Let’s see how we can improve your commercial door security. Don’t worry, the language looks almost the same as residential door security.


The proper lock for your commercial door security

Commercial door lock installation

A sturdy commercial door can prevent burglary if it has the correct lock. However, many owners have residential equipment on their business doors to save cash, but it is not worth it. Manufacturers don’t construct residential door locks as tough as commercial grade locks and most residential locks bring plastic parts. Though, commercial-grade locks are better built, with better material and have no plastic parts.


Commercial Door Security-Lock Grading System

Understanding commercial lock grades are critical for protecting your doors and business. Nowadays, we have private non-profit organizations like the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which evaluate locks and have a clear lock grading system.

They strictly grade commercial locks using a demanding testing process. Two common grades for commercial locks are Grade 1 and Grade 2 besides the last one, Grade 3. They do the grading based on three significant factors: strength, cycle, and material used.

Most expert locksmiths recommend Grade 1 and to lower degree Grade 2 for high-traffic areas or areas that require more security. However, never have Grade 3 deadbolt locks installed in business doors. You can fit Grade 3 locks in residential homes, but not on commercial doors.


High-Security Locks

Commercial lock Falcon exit device

Some commercial locks can be lock bumped and lock-picked as easy as cheap home locks. So consider high-security lock features to reinforce your doors.

Almost all commercial grade equipment will accept high-security cylinders without the need to replace the entire lock. You often can replace the cylinder which can get you two things.

Usually, high-security lock cylinders are bump-proof and pick proof. This means a novice cannot get past these locks and even an expert burglar will take a lot of time to bypass a high-security lock.

Remember, the more time someone works on a lock the better chances of getting caught, so usually, the criminal will move on to the next target. Also, no one can copy the keys at hardware so your workers can’t make duplicates of your business key.


Security Hinge Pin


This cheap door reinforcement is great for your outside doors. Commercial out-swing doors have visible hinges that a burglar can cut or pop-off. When the criminal cuts the door they can pull it out of the frame.

Jam pins stop this, so regardless if the burglar removes the hinges, the burglar can pull out the door. Remove a screw from each hinge and mount a security pin in its place. But try to remove the opposite screw so when the entryway is shut the pin goes into the hole left by the missing screw.

Manufacturers make jam pins of a mix of machine and wood threading. People can use these pins on both metal and wooden doors.


Strengthen Strike Plates


Strike plates protect the door locks in the entryway’s frame. Initially, if the doorframe is secured by a standard wood structure, remove the little screws holding the plate and change them with 3″ screws. This will safeguard that it secures the plate to the studs in the wall and not to the door’s skinny framing. You should do this for the door hinges, too.

Plus, you can go above and beyond and install an elongated plate. This will permit you to protect the plate with multiple screws to distribute the kicking power burglars use when they can’t pick a lock.


Install electronic locks


Electronic keyless locks require the operator to input an alphanumeric code before opening a locked door. These locks can replace standard deadbolts with motorized deadbolts to give outstanding anti-theft security by using a “rolling code” similar to garage doors ensuring the people don’t use the same codes twice.

Often, a few models issue an alarm if someone enters the wrong code more than three times. You can also open the lock via a smartphone through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The lock mechanism can also bring the same anti-bump and anti-pick features traditional lock bring plus the convenience factors increase. And no more replacing keys, just change the passcode.


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