Regarding child door locks, we realize you will find many safety locks online. But, it can get complicated to install the right child door locks.

However, to stop a child from opening an entryway, you can set up a safety lock, or you can block the entrance with a baby gate. You usually find child locks on cabinet doors, drawers, and doors.


Since they made these types of safety locks only for an adult to operate them, they require the minimum expertise to open. Before you childproof your entryways, Locksmith in Orlando professionals will go over the fundamentals.


First, what is a child door lock?

child door lock for toddlers


Manufacturers design child door lock to guard your curious children against getting hurt. Since small kids don’t know about risks, it’s essential to store the kitchen knives, the cleaning chemicals or the prescription drugs out of their reach. But, how do you do this more efficiently?

Often, a child lock is a separate gadget that you add to your doors, cupboards or drawers. This locking system makes it difficult for a small hand to access a room or access the content inside of a cabinet.


Why mount a child lock?

If there’s an entryway in your children’s sight, they will want to know what’s behind it because of their curiosity. Sometimes the risk can lead to serious injuries, particularly to small fingers. A closing door can do extreme damage to infant fingers or worse if the door slams their head. Installing child locks will protect your kids while they explore their environment.


Childproof a round doorknob with safety covers

Jool Baby Door Knob Covers

Photo courtesy: of Jool Baby


You likely have seen plastic covers on the doorknobs at a family member’s home. They are standard and work with most rounded doorknob models.

You mount a plastic doorknob lock over the real doorknob. It comes in two separate parts that are wrapped and snap together around the knob. When you have to remove the cover off entirely, you must push the side’s buttons simultaneously and the two parts will unsnap. Various producers will have different systems to prevent your child from opening the door.


Childproofing an entryway with a lever handle

Perhaps the interior doors at your home have lever handles rather than round knobs. So, you can childproof lever handle entryway too. The same as the round doorknob plastic cover, there’s an item design to cover a lever handle. However, it must get secured to the entryway with screws or adhesive tape.

Depending on the door material, you may want something that won’t leave holes in your door style.


Install a top door lock on any interior doors

If your child can open the entryway with the simple plastic cover, then you’ll need another option. Therefore, the top door lock is the ideal solution. You set this door lock at the highest point of the entryway, between the doorframe and the door.

You should set up a peg into the doorframe and use the sliding latch to bolt the entryway. When you need to enter the room, slide the latch off the peg. It’s basic and powerful. Since it’s made of plastic, any grown-up could break it off if an emergency occurs.


Children and lock handle


doorknob safety button

In many houses, the bathroom door will have a lock handle. Like the one, you can bolt with a button.

These are alright to use, however, I wouldn’t suggest changing all entryway handle for this sort. The reason is that kids love to play with handles and buttons, and they will lock themselves inside the room, eventually.

Therefore, ensure it has a small hole on the other side. If your child gets locked inside the restroom, you can use a tool to push the safety mechanism open.

Security door chain

chain lock on pink door

If you have a security door chain on your front entryway, it’s a good start. If you don’t have one, perhaps it is an opportunity to install one. This door lock has versatility. It’s meant to keep the intruders out of the house, but also, it’s great to keep your little child inside the house.

The only disadvantage, it still can cause damage to children’s fingers if the child closes the door abruptly. So, let’s go over the other child lock choices for entryways.


The door guardian


The door guardian works as a security lock, making it difficult to open the entryway from the exterior. They make them to stop forced entry techniques (kicking, shoulder push, crowbar, etc.). Yet, many families are using it as a childproofing solution.

You can mount the lock on the doorframe, and you have to flip the clamp over the entryway. It will stop the entryway from opening, and it requires more ability to open than a door chain. It’s ideal to stop access to a back door, a garage door or a balcony.

For any child lock installation that looks too complicated, call us so the job gets done right since you have a lot riding on this, your child safety.