Car locksmith in Orlando technicians has discussed many times the signs of a faulty ignition chamber. The ignition starts a series of events that get the car engine pumping. When you experience a failed start or a difficult start, it’s because of a failing ignition.

If you’re battling with your vehicle keys or ignition, knowing the causes is a cold comfort that won’t help you get back on the road!

However, that doesn’t mean you’re helpless since there are many things you can do to make your life easier. And if all fails, you can call a reliable emergency Orlando auto locksmith!

Car locksmith in Orlando—Top Ignition issues

The car ignition cylinder works as a power starter of a vehicle. It turns your motor on and off.

Usually, a broken ignition lock cylinder can prompt:

  • Cars not starting
  • Power issues
  • Stuck car keys
  • The car turning off while driving

While many causes of ignition issues exist, these are a couple that come up most of the time.

Worn keys

Car locksmith in Orlando copy key for Toyota

Often, an old or worn key is the most common culprit of car ignition issues. Since your keys are the most vulnerable to the elements and usage.

The keys metal grooves can wear out with time, unlike the door locks that are protected from the elements. Also, the metal key can bend if you use a lot of force.

Bent key

If your key doesn’t fit in the starter, you’re not going anywhere from the beginning! You’ll probably try to ignite your vehicle up with more force than necessary. However, by doing so you will bend your key under accidental pressure.

The result is the same: a key with a bend in the middle. If this occurs, we don’t recommend attempting to start your car since you may make the situation worse. Rather, get an expert car locksmith in Orlando to get you back on the road!

Ignition issues

Car Locksmith in Orlando- Mazda ignition repair

In many examples, the issue may lie with your ignition chamber itself.

Often, it’s a misaligned pin, or it’s a fault in the electrical circuit that connects to the ignition chamber and the car battery.

Sometimes it’s as simple as debris or objects (kid’s toys) that block the ignition chamber!

You insert the wrong key

We know, it sounds senseless. However, people do senseless things when they’re sleepy, or tired, in a hurry, or not paying attention so it doesn’t hurt to check!

What can you do if your vehicle keys don’t turn the ignition?

We recommend you hire an auto locksmith before you make things worse. However, there are a couple of things you can do before calling an Orlando Locksmith.

Car Locksmith in Orlando Solutions-Attempt to move the steering wheel

steering wheel locked

Usually, your ignition chamber could lock in place since you accidentally activated your steering wheel.

If you use the steering wheel to lift yourself out of your vehicle seat, you may have unintentionally activated it.

You can deactivate the lock and get your keys to function by turning your steering wheel.

Other steps that might work below:

  • Turn your steering wheel left and right
  • Check which side isn’t turning
  • Hold your steering wheel toward the direction it is turning
  • Turn the key while holding your steering wheel
  • Jiggle the keys

Check your proprietor’s manual for operations since the unlocking procedure varies from car to car.

Oil your lock

Often, your key won’t turn because the starter is jammed up. So, it may need some oil to make it work once more.

While lubricating an ignition chamber, it’s essential to pick the correct lubricant. Sometimes with a can of WD40 is enough right? However, normal WD40 tends to gunk your ignition further as the oil solidifies.

Ensure you use a lubricant that doesn’t solidify after some time, collect dust or dirt, and carry an electric current. There’s a lot of debate over which lubricant to use. If you’re experiencing difficulty making sense of the right oil to use, we recommend putting Teflon Silicone Lubricant!

Although even with the right lubricant, this is just a short-term solution. For a permanent solution, call your car locksmith in Orlando.

Car key replacement services

ignition repair for Honda Civic
Ignition repair for Honda Civic

Like we referenced above, many ignition issues are problems with your keys, for example, a bend, the teeth worn, or an old key!

So, your best bet is to get your key replaced. Often, with slight bends, you can get a key straightened and fixed. For serious bends, this can leave your key fragile and weak causing much damage to the ignition chamber.

Fortunately, you have one real alternative when you’re in a bind. The worst places to have an ignition failure is areas with minimal lighting, quiet dark roads, and places with high crime rates.

So, for these difficult situations, the best solution is to call an emergency auto locksmith. They can provide a spare key or fix your ignition switch.