A high security door lock installation provides a greater level of protection against the techniques burglars used to attack door locks, for example, lock bumping and lock picking. Locks today are not simpler to pick, in reality, they’ve gotten much harder to pick. However, with lock bypassing techniques available on the internet it doesn’t help the reliability of the locks.

In many videos, a so-called expert tells normal people the best ways to open a lock using a lock bumping technique. Locksmiths in Orlando, FL used this technique, for a long time and nobody knew about it. Now, with YouTube and other info being posted on the web, anyone with an inexpensive key and an internet connection can get into a home in a few minutes.

Well, don’t worry we can help shed some light on lock picking and lock bumping. And if the use of a high security door lock installation can protect your door from these attacks.

YouTubers not making a difference

Can a High Security Door Lock Installation Stop Burglars who watch YouTube videos

Many YouTubers make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by making videos showing people the best way to pick locks and bypass locks.

For instance, The Lock Picking Lawyer is a popular YouTuber. He will get a lock, open it, figure the internal mechanism to bypass it, and afterward post that data in a video for everyone to view. If you have a lock, he likely has a video showing the best way to pick it.

Often, it’s not picking the lock that gets you past it. If someone figures out some other bypassing technique, then it will get posted on YouTube or other websites. For instance, bypassing a locked entryway using a piece of plastic.

Other times, they have fabricated special bypassing tools that focus on a particular brand of lock and enable anyone to bypass it. They intend these items to overcome specific lock brands or locks.

Why do people upload lock picking techniques?

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Specialists like showing videos on the best way to pick high security door locks or get in homes using other bypassing techniques for education. It’s significant that homeowners and business owners know where their security weaknesses are regarding lock security.

There’s a difference between what a licensed locksmith does and what a YouTube loser shows in lock picking videos. A licensed locksmith tells the watcher the best way to prevent somebody from using that bypass technique on their locks.

This essential information could be the difference in helping a homeowner with a low-quality lock know they have a vulnerability. It separates the individuals who put people in danger from those helping you take care of an issue.

To improve technology?

Someone uploads these videos may argue that they are pushing lock producers to improve their locks and technology to make better security.

However, I don’t agree. Why? Because as soon as the maker releases a new item to fix a current issue, they get the new item, break it down, and tell everyone again how to pick or bypass the lock.

So whatever improvement innovation has made, greedy YouTubers or bloggers show people how to bypass the lock and later show that new info via a video or post for profit.


The prime motivation for any YouTuber is to make a lot of money. There is much cash to make on sites when you get millions of followers.

Instructions to Stop Lock Picking and Bypassing

SY King Locksmith Orlando-high security door lock installation

Consider lock picking prevention as an 80/20 rule. Someone with low or limited abilities can bypass 80% of the locks out there today. Either, lock picking or using a bypass tool or other method to overcome the lock.

What’s the other 20%? These are the locks that would require many abilities to pick or locks that people can’t pick at all. These high security door locks require a lot of effort to overcome (drilling for instance).

If you need a 20% door lock then forget about purchasing anything from a hardware store. You need a reliable locksmith and a specialty item or high security lock.

High Security Door Lock Installation

Hercular® Deadbolt high security door lock installation

Most locks have simple pins that align when you insert a key to turn a cylinder. High security door locks use different techniques besides the pins. Sidebars and side dimples are the most well-known. These locks use keys that don’t resemble your normal keys. Pretty much all high-security locks will offer you more protection than a typical criminal will know.

A quality brand is Mul-t-lock and it would be difficult for someone trying to get into your property with one of these locks installed. Your local locksmith may have the Mul-t-lock items. Local locksmiths have the best high security door lock items.