Our best Orlando Locksmiths experts believe a burglary in the Orlando area can almost ruin a company. There were witnesses, but, they can’t talk and have short memories, so the crime will stay unsolved.

A burglar may climb through a window taking cash and the significant and costly equipment that the company needs to operate the business. For instance, the burglar took laptops and machines that can cost a business thousands in losses. It can be a small office, but, the crime can persuade the owner to Google search locksmith near me, to install surveillance cameras and motion-detecting lighting.

Losing valuable equipment, money, or inventory besides psychological damages can make any business owner frightful. However, there are brilliant, cost-conscious methods to prevent and minimize the misfortune from an office break-in.

Best Orlando Locksmiths Stats

FBI stats on burglary

They were 1,230,149 million burglary crimes in 2018, according to FBI information. Usually, some of these crimes were break-ins that left business owners scrambling and thinking about what they could have done differently.

High-security door locks

Best Orlando Locksmiths Medeco deadbolt lock installation

Reinforcing your access points should be a top priority when you start or rebuilt your office security. When your business or office experience a break-in, it means there is a flaw in one of the access points. Most criminals will target entryways and windows, so business owners should focus their energy on protecting these entry points. You can use high-security door locks to improve door security. I comprehend that all owners want to save cash, however, don’t hold back when you are purchasing commercial locks.

The cost of door locks frequently reflects their security level, so don’t avoid commercial locks that look too expensive. Besides reinforcing doors and different gateways, business owners should also fortify their windows.

Window protection

Install sturdy locks on all windows since a weakness besides the glass remains the frail latches windows usually come with from the factory. If your windows don’t have locks, pair them with window security film that keeps intruders from breaking the glass by methods of sheer power.

I recommend that business owners talk security with a trusted commercial locksmith. These locksmiths will assist you with picking the correct window and door locks for your needs and help you with implementing all countermeasures we will discuss below.

Alarms work better with cameras

Best Locksmith in Orlando experts installing CCTV system cameras

Manufacturers offer many alarm systems and services to businesses and offices similar to residential security. A dependable alarm system has surveillance cameras that permit a security company to see what’s going on in that area. It’s essential to note most alarm calls are false.

Police know this and won’t rush over unless a security service can confirm there is a burglary in progress. They won’t rush to arrest the ghostly wind or a bird false alarm.

Cameras are getting cheaper, unobtrusive and ordinary in our regular daily life that no one even notices them anymore. An alarm with cameras works better in catching a perp than an alarm system by itself since the owner or security service can confirm an intruder.


warning no trespassing sign

Awareness that a business uses security equipment works as an excellent deterrent for criminals—and confirmed by burglars. Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte interviewed burglars and 83% of burglars said they considered video equipment when picking a place for a burglary. 60% said they would find another target.

So, buy a few decals that are little and bright red. When placed at a window or entryway, a burglar or a passerby casing the place would see it and try another target. I suggest using those from a professional company rather than the signs they sell at Home Depot.

Also, a small security company logo is a clever sign that a business thinks about security and isn’t a straightforward target. Small signs are critical, as a larger metal sign with dismal wording may mean to employees or clients that the business locale or the area is dangerous.


When spending on your business, consider how tempting a target your business is to burglars


While many modern businesses have computers, laptops, and various assets, a few targets are juicier than others. These juicy targets need to put more attention and cash than others.

Pharmacies and many retailers selling merchandise like electronic devices and jewelry have valuables that agencies or publishers may not. Therefore, businesses need to spend according to how tempting and accessible they look to burglars.

The products inside a business can alarm burglars of the huge payday. Should you burn through cash on protecting these assets with the deterrents talked above or experience a loss of revenue from a break-in? Well, the choice is simple. Remember, to call the best Orlando Locksmiths for your installation or repair needs, SY King Locksmith.