Most of you don’t ask this questions until you are in an emergency locksmith situation in Orlando FL. We know there are a handful of good honest locksmiths. But who is the best locksmith Orlando?

Let’s compare Sy King Locksmith to the avg. mobile lock guys. After you read this quick post, you will see pretty easy to know we are the best when you type locksmith near me!

Here we are going to go over questions you should ask yourself before you call a locksmith.

1. Are you a licensed locksmith?

licensed locksmith

This is a question most costumers assume, but there are plenty of handymen without a license that can unlock a car in Orlando, but they may not as knowledgeable as a real licensed locksmith. You can learn more about Orlando licenses for locksmiths.

Real locksmiths need hands-on training and some classes to get their license. They also have to stay updated on the newest requirements by the state of Florida. With the industry changing so fast due to technology evolving every few months, it’s crucial to keep up!

Would you let anyone you don’t know in your house, business or car? The answer is probably not, without verifying their license and reviews you can really open yourself to a financial loss, belongings being stolen or worst things!

2. Is the company or individual an expert in the service you need to be solved?

locksmith services

You see locksmiths have many branches some may be good at car lockouts while others are good at residential. You can go to their website, and you will find out what they are good at and focus the most on.

3. Google Reviews and top review sites can also help you.

google reviews

We know from our knowledge that most review sites are not perfect. But you can make a good judgment on the company if they have 2 stars out of 60 reviews. Also if there are no reviews from top sites, they could be a scam! I mean most locksmiths need to be on Yelp, Google, Bing, Yellow pages and others to acquire clients. If they are not on the main aggregator sites, be careful! I’m sure you read about all the scams.

4. Find out if you are dealing with a local locksmith service provider or a nationwide call center.

locksmith service provider

These call centers that send out clients in need of a service, half of the time do a minimal screening of the companies or guys they sell the leads to. Try to make sure is a local locksmith company. This will assure you that if something goes wrong, such as damages, price increases you didn’t agree with you have access to them locally to deal with the issue.

5. Can the locksmith get to you if you are near Valencia College East Campus, Pine Hills or even as far as Kissimmee?

locksmith assistance

You see, this is important if you have a lockout emergency and need assistance fast! If the company does not have enough mobile locksmiths on their team, they will jerk you around telling you they will be there in 30 minutes and they might take 2 hours. We suggest you look at some reviews to see if most of the time they get there at the time they say.

So the question at the beginning of the post was who is Orlando’s King Locksmith?

Well, Sy Locksmith of course! We are licensed and keep up with the newest technologies. We also work with most cars from BMW, Porsche, Honda, Toyota and much more! If ignition repair or Ignition replacement is what you need, we got that cover. Our experts won’t damage your car due to our experience.

Honesty is one of the things you can expect from Sy Locksmith.

If we say 30 minutes we mean 30. We also won’t waste your time knowing we are 2 hours away from our mobile team to get to you. We will tell you to call someone else and actually recommend you a good locksmith.

We do emergency locksmith, residential, auto locksmith, and commercial. If you have garage door problems, we can also help with that. Check out what we excel at on our website. Our reviews on Google are amazing, 5.0 stars and 466 Google reviews! Yelp reviews are a top rating of 5 – ‎36 reviews. We are a local business proudly serving our neighbors. Pretty easy to know we are the best Orlando mobile locksmith!