Many Locksmith Orlando specialists have observed lots of individual’s misuse their car keys. Usually, since its second nature to utilize the car keys; often you don’t even realize that you have already secured your car once you reached the residence. Locking your vehicle remains crucial to safeguard your vehicle from getting stolen or burglarized by thieves who want to take your valuables.

The kinds of locks used in automobiles are becoming increasingly more sophisticated as technology has advanced. Things such as keyless entry, key codes on the door handle and, other fobs to lower the possibility that criminals break into the car without a code or key. The evolution of the vehicle door locking system is a significant one regarding your car’s security when is left unattended or parked. Now, technology continues to progress and can only enhance and get much more high-tech.

Early car history

Older car

Early version cars did not contain any locking system as the wealthiest people in a city had owned them. Since the vehicles at that time were consequently at minimal danger of theft too. However, it was not until cars started getting more accessible and more widespread on the street that the threat of robbery increased as more automobiles were left unattended. Now, Orlando Locksmiths will quickly show you the evolution of car locks:

First Locks

The first kind of automobile locks was similar to the house locks. Vehicle locks were cylinder type regardless of the sort of system they used up till the 1970s — furthermore, automobile locks comprised of the lock code outside the cylinder lock. It was done so that keys can be made based on the same codes. Many vehicles utilized the same key for the door and the ignition.

Consequently developing a key to open the automobile door and allowing drivers to start their car. The reason why keys were separated from the ignition and the door was to protect against burglary. Usually, if a burglar managed to open the vehicle door, removing the cylinder and taking the automobile became a relatively simple procedure.

Types of locks

Types of car door lock

All the old car locks were mechanical instead of electronics. Producers used a specific kind of key that could get cut to match any vehicle lock. Throughout the history of automobile door locking systems there are two types of locks that are mostly used:


Pin Tumbler– This lock features metal pins inside the cylinder. To open the bolt a key with the ideal height of cuts needs to be utilized to raise the pins and permit the lock to open.

Wafer Tumbler– Much like the pin tumbler, the wafer lock employs flat, one-piece wafers of different sizes. The key pushes all of the wafers to the suitable area, and the bolt could turn and open.

The drawback of the two type’s of locks is they could get readily lock-picked if someone had the ideal tools. While picking is much easier today with the online sites offering many how-to directions, back when these locks were widespread bumping had been the more common and more comfortable way of breaking into automobiles. Bumping is using a blank key designed for a particular version of a car. Then after inserting you hit it with a hammer or screwdriver to bump the key that will force the hooks to make space.

Key evolution

Syking Transponder key

With present key technologies, the demand for an authentic physical automobile key is gradually fading away. Usually, the most basic sedan probably has a kind of a key fob or perhaps push-to-start. It makes physical keys less significant than ever before.

Early, standard keys needed no added security besides than being uniquely cut by laser or mechanical to match their particular lock. However, following 1998, many vehicles’ keys came with transponder keys, that have a chip in the key fob that communicates with the car’s computer to start the ignition.

Meaning there was one cut key and one chip attached to a particular automobile, further shielding vehicles. The advancement of the key afterward went to remote keys. It consists of various function buttons on the key fob. For example, opening the car trunk and arming or disarming the car’s alarm system.

Smart Technology

Smart keys would be the latest of remote technologies and operate with no physical key. Once the device is close to the automobile, it automatically could unlock the doors and start the engine.