We at Locksmith Orlando know securing your company resources is an essential task to do for your company as the owner. Well, you got insurance in place and locks on the doors, so what else do you need? Many small business owners can forget the need for a business safe. However, this thing could help protect your company assets significantly better than you understand.

Even if the company doesn’t possess a lot of on-location monetary assets, it’s likely that you’ll need a safe to guard your essential legal documents against both fire and thieves. There are several different concerns also when investing in a safe like design and setup.

To find out, use this Orlando Locksmith hints about the different options available that can be ideal for the company requirements:



Consider getting a thick solid steel doors and walls

Standalone safe


It’s essential that the safe that you purchase has sound steel doors and thick walls. Lacking this level of steel security, any safe can be open within a couple of minutes. The safe you pick will need to have a 1/2″ thick solid steel door and also a 1/4″ heavy solid steel frame.


Steel is quite costly and dense, enormously increasing the safe’s build cost and the price of sending overseas to the dealer. Consequently, many overseas manufacturers (also many local-built) cut those costs by making their safes with composite (thin sheet metal wrapped with various sorts of drywall to provide the look of a hard safe). So, check the model, makers, and built before purchasing.

Judge a safe with its weight


Weight is among the primary factors when determining the skill of a safe to protect against the fire and burglary. Steel is dense; an excellent safe with sound steel walls may weigh more than the light-safes made by wrapping sheet-metal around insulation panels. High-density concrete amalgamate is dense, and a concrete amalgamate-based composite fire safe will weigh more than the usual safe that uses insulating material panels.

Also high-density concrete amalgamate together with steel are extremely heavy. An authentic burglary safe with sound steel walls and concrete amalgamate fire cladding often takes 3 x the bulk of the equivalent size safe assembled out of sheet metal and drywall panels.


Use a UL-Approved Standard lock



Check that the safe you intend to get features an UL-Approved Standard 687 level two lock or better. These locks manufacturers will make sure to supply decades of trouble-free functioning. A safe without a UL approval lock has a high chance that the safe’s lock comes out of China. While highly affordable, Chinese-built locks are incredibly unreliable and vulnerable to early failure.


Unlocking these safes is usually an extremely high priced and time-consuming undertaking. It’s difficult for a good certified locksmith to acquire accurate blueprints to help in a tidy repair. Most safe owners elect for the faster and more affordable driven entrance option (forced entry). Then following a forced entry the owner gets stuck with a hefty bill and unreliable safe. Moreover, replacing it with the right safe! Stick with a UL approved lock!


Avoid fireboard or drywall based fire safes


Fire safes assembled today use fireboard, drywall, fiberboard, or alternative panel-based insulation materials comprise the vast majority of safes sold now. However, they supply poor fire security when in comparison to authentic composite-clad fire safes. Furthermore, these panel-based safes offer fire protection at the expense of burglary protection.


Consider adding electronic locks



A safe that’s difficult to open is a safe people won’t likely use. Adding an electronic lock could make opening the safe straightforward and quick. Also, allowing an individual to reset the combination if needed with no assistance of a locksmith or combination kit.

Assess for relockers


All superior safes need to possess relockers to make sure the safe remains locked when it comes to an attack. Safe relockers are hardened pins or bolts which get triggered in various methods throughout an attack. Also, won’t retract even with hours of drilling.

Note that once a relocker is triggered, you should contact a locksmith in Orlando to get entrance for you. Merely dialing the combination won’t get you into the safe.