Apartment Security Recommendation for New Renters

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Apartment complex security tips



Locksmith in Orlando experts thinks moving into an apartment complex should have the same safety and security needs as traditional homes do. While some high-rise apartments come with their building security, that doesn’t imply that you should let your guard down.

Furthermore, with such vast numbers of different occupants, residents, and, guests packed into a small place, the security, and dangers that accompany that foot traffic can’t get overlooked. At SY King Orlando Locksmiths, we believe you have to have all the facts before you move inside an apartment complex, condo or skyscraper.

Here are some security measures you should consider before moving into your new apartment.


Research Local Crime

Police handcuffs


Before you discovered your fantasy condo, check neighborhood local crime information in its region. Make sure you know about any hard data in the area before renting your condo.

Call the nearby police and talk to your landlord and neighbors to get a fair picture of what life will be like in your new residence. Sites like Crime Reports and SpotCrime Crime Map can give you facts about local criminal history in any city.

Check entryway and window locks

condo windows

A top way most burglars enter a home is through opened windows and door? It might sound funny, but the truth remains that people forget to lock their doors.

Your condo building could have sharp security employees and the most recent surveillance cameras. However, that doesn’t mean much if your doors and window locks aren’t locked!

Therefore, before you move into your condo, ensure you check the conditions of the locks. Do the bolts look worn or old?  Maybe the door seems damaged, or the door frame looks weak?

Many apartment complex experience numerous tenants so check if your locks have been changed between renters?  If not then ask the landlord for a lock re-keying job.

Locks are the point of entry of homes and apartments and keeping these devices in tip-top shape remains a great countermeasure.

Remember if you could update from low-quality bolts to high-quality locks then do so especially if you signed a long contract.


Test Lighting


Burglars want to sneak around in dark regions. Subsequently, while thinking about a condo, check the doorways, walkways, elevators, stairways, and, parking lot to ensure they have good lighting during the night.

Now, if the areas look dark then converse with your proprietor about getting more lights introduced. Moreover, consider adding your motion sensor lights around the entrances of your unit. The fewer places thieve use to hide the fewer possibilities of an attack.


Re-key your bolts or install one more lock


So you’ve checked your entryway and window locks before you moved into your condo.

Now, there a little more you can do to prevent break-ins:

Ask the management if you’re allowed to rekey your current locks, you could transform the use of passkeys completely or install an additional high-quality lock. Usually, apartments see many occupants buy often see the same lock so how would you know who has kept a spare key?

It takes a couple of minutes to have keys copied! If you can’t change them yourself have a local Orlando Locksmith specialist come by and do the re-keying or replacement job for you.


Check the apartment’s security

security officer

Another thought that you should look into is the apartment’s security. High-rise building security can come in many different types:


  • Some bigger, high-costing high-rises utilize their security staff.
  • Others have surveillance cameras in areas like entryways, elevators, parking lot, and, halls.
  • Many buildings may utilize a blend of physical security measures like passwords or card for electrical locks, no-key required.
  • Today, others could require registration or buzz-in from visitors.
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