The advantages of biometric fingerprint lock installation have made the personal identification process a lot simpler. For people that don’t understand biometrics, biometrics is the process by which the unique characteristics of an individual can make a positive ID of that person.

For instance, no two people even twins have the same voice, DNA, or fingerprints. When the biometrics principles apply to door locks, it will increase security.

Orlando Locksmiths think with this locking system you don’t have to worry about lost keys anymore. Since the key of a fingerprint lock is the finger of an individual, there is no threat of leaving it behind at home or the workplace.

Therefore, the point of this post will be to provide you with some advantages of a biometric fingerprint lock installation:

A biometric fingerprint lock installation can provide better security

L7000S Biometric fingerprint lock installation

No two individuals have the same fingerprints. The design of each fingerprint is unique to that individual. So, if the door lock doesn’t recognize the fingerprints of an individual trying to gain passage into your home or business, that individual will get blocked from gaining entrance.

Unlike password locks, there is no possibility that a burglar can hack this fingerprint door lock device.

Removes lost keys

Lost keys left on the patio floor

If you lose keys, this habit could be a costly one. The best way to protect your home or business from lost key situations would be to decide on total lock change. In fact, lock replacements can cost more cash, depending on the number of locks in the house or building that need changing.

Often, because members from your family household or employees lost their keys a lot, the expense of replacing those key locks run very high. However, one advantage of a biometric fingerprint lock is that no one can lose a fingerprint. With a fingerprint lock, nobody can enter except if you change your lock system to recognize that allowed an individual’s fingerprint.

Difficult to Override

A biometric fingerprint lock system is difficult to override. An experienced burglar can hack different keyless systems including doors that require key cards or passwords. No one can hack a fingerprint system.

The fingerprints of the individual trying to access your office building or home either match or don’t match the ones in the system. So, if they don’t, the individual won’t get access.

Are Fingerprint Locks More Secure Than Traditional Locks?

Another benefit of a biometric fingerprint lock is that these devices won’t get picked, bumped or have the keys copied. Burglars can bypass the traditional lock and copy misplaced keys. And then burglarize your property, taking your valuables or sensitive computer files, and put your family in danger.

Suppose you own an office, for example, a medical business. It could prompt issues if a burglar ransacked your place of business, and stole your PC, and then hack your documents and access your client’s personal information. Well, biometrics locks don’t need keys so you don’t have to worry about a misplaced or lost key since your key is your fingerprints.

Easy to understand

These types of locks operate easily and simple to install for a professional. When you program the system, it can work efficiently with no need for high maintenance and high cost.

If you don’t feel up to the task of installing this lock yourself or programming the equipment, you can request an Orlando Locksmith to help you.

Makes Employee Management Easier

Office people working

You don’t need to worry about who is punching your time clocks at your office again. If you install this device on your time clocks nobody can steal time from you or employee.

The fingerprint system only will recognize the employee who has the set of given fingerprints.

Expensive at the start but more economical in the long run

These lock systems may appear more costly in the short run. However, by installing a fingerprint lock, you will buy a lock that can withstand rain, snow, cold or heat, and other terrible weather without rusting, and doesn’t require much maintenance.

Yes, the cost of repairs and maintenance can increase the household budget or company expenses if you purchase multiple traditional locks. Since the materials in the lock are high quality which means you don’t have to worry about a breakdown if you set up multiple fingerprint locks.


Ensuring the safety of our valuables or data needs to be to the highest point of your home or business security needs. A fingerprint lock is ideal for the entrance of apartments and condominiums or offices.

Since it gives owners a secure way of entering a property and any part of a room that requires protection. However, make sure to hire an Orlando Locksmith for installation and for some good operating tips.