Orlando Locksmith believes that providing high-quality security to your business and your property should always be at the top of your priority list. That is why we recommend you to install a mortise lock. Mortise locks are very popular bolts in the commercial security industry as they are reliable and resistant to bad weather.

Mortise locks have been used in the USA since the 18th century, these bolts can function for decades, and that is why these are typically found in older buildings doors. Today, Locksmith Orlando brings you the advantages of installing a mortise lock at your business or property.

Before we go over the advantages of mortise locks, let’s take a look at what a mortise lock is.

Mortise locks heavier than the usual cylinder latches, and their design is very different too, as they use lever locks as a locking mechanism. Mortise bolts are made of solid metal, large springs and are constructed out very resistant materials.

Advantages of mortise locks

advantages of mortise locks

Due to its design, mortise locks can be secured from both ends, which makes it perfect for front doors, as this latch provides a great deal of security when you are in or out of the property.

Hard to crack open

Since the mortise bolt security system has some lock levers, they are very reliable, as intruders will have a very hard time breaking them open without a key.

Different Sizes

advantages of mortise locks

Unlike older mortise locks, new mortise latches come in different sizes for different sizes to fit all security needs; whether you have to replace an old mortise lock or fit one in your door, there is a great possibility that you will find a lock with similar dimensions of the old one. Having a variety of choices makes it convenient to avoid making new holes for the lock body!

Passage function

Passage function is a mechanism that allows a door to be shut without being locked, also they do not require a key, this particular feature of mortise latches make them ideal for your kid’s rooms and bathrooms as they can be opened and closed without locking allowing them not to get locked accidentally and you to have fast access to your child’s room.

Sliding mechanism

Another security benefit of mortise bolts is that in order to open it, a key needs to be inserted from the outside and a latch from the inside. This unique item makes it convenient for entrance doors, as they can be locked from the outside during the day and from the inside at night providing twenty-four-hour protection to your property.

Beautiful design

Mortise locks are both durable and beautiful as they have traditional designs and even though the installation of this latch can be complex, all you need to do is have a professional locksmith to take care of it.

Most locksmith experts recommend using mortise locks with 5 to 6 lock levers for better protection. If you are thinking of having a mortise lock installed in your home or business, make sure to ask an experienced and trustworthy locksmith on how you can purchase the best mortise locks available on the market.