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I know you heard this phrase plenty of times; we are the best locksmith in Orlando! Well we are going to show you why Sy Locksmith is your go to company when searching for locksmith Orlando on Google. For the most part locksmith companies are composed of individuals who offer services that range from auto lockouts, changing residential locks and more technological services as commercial locksmithing, installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), garage door repair and more.

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Most locksmith Orlando take on blacksmithing as a hobby, not us all our locksmiths are professionals that required completing a course to get hired by us. You will not hear stories about Sy locksmith Orlando doing a bad job or breaking something that didn’t need to be broken and you getting charged $150 more. When we come in we evaluate the situation and are upfront and honest. We open most locks without destroying; our aim is to repair instead of replacing locks saving you time and money. By hiring our professional services you save yourself headaches and nightmares. Our service times are one of our most important attributes. I know some of you heard the “15 minutes and we are there theory” well here at Sy locksmith Orlando we don’t B.S you like that; we are completely honest so you don’t feel played. We also work with you on your schedule so the timing is just right for you. Our customer service is bar none the best in Orlando FL.

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Our Google reviews are 5 stars out of 86 clients that left the reviews. As you may or may not know Google reviews are strictly checked by its algorithm.
5 star reviews on YELP out of 13 reviews, which is one of the toughest places because clients go and divulge horror stories of locksmith there, we have an excellent score there.

Find the Best Smart Locks at an Locksmith in Orlando

A smart lock is seemingly the most critical part of a technological advance home system and you can find it at locksmith in Orlando. Not just will it permit you to go back and forth, it will likewise screen who is entering and leaving your home while you’re away. A few models basically let you utilize your telephone to open and close entryways. Some allow unique benefits to companions, relatives, or staff. Others can be commanded utilizing voice orders or triggers from other home gadgets and administrations.


One of the principal things you’ll need to consider is the amount it will cost to redesign your customary lock. Also, a smart lock costs a significantly more than the standard bolt that you can get up at the nearby tool shop. You can locate a couple out there in the $150 territory but the better one cost over -$300. Additionally, with nice features, for example, voice charges, push and email warnings, and alarm systems. It can get little expensive but worth every penny.

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Setting Up

In the event that your new bolt accompanies both the housing mount within your entryway and a touchpad you’ll likely need to totally change your old bolt. As well as, the deadbolt component and strike plate, before you can introduce the new smart lock. This is only a question of expelling the two screws that append the inside crest to the outside part and clearing both pieces. The deadbolt is likewise held set up by two screws. In any event, a locksmith Orlando can be a better solution before you damage the door.

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Many smart locks offer a portable application that permits you to lock and open entryways with a straightforward symbol tap. Some offer a Web application that gives you a chance to control things from your smart phone or portable PC. Most applications let you include perpetual and provisional clients and set plans for particular days and times. Furthermore, there the keyless touchpads for those circumstances when you don’t have your cellphone or your keys. Alarms alerts that caution you of a conceivable break-in and email warnings that let you know who is coming in or out.

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