5 best safe brands

Safes were revolutionary inventions that gave birth to modern security devices. Back in the days, safes were used to save valuables like jewelry, gold, and other precious items, this has not changed. Safes today protect belongings at residences, to keep important items away from thieves. Our locksmith Orlando team can help you on choosing which one is right for you and installing it.

Before buying a safe it’s important to know what you will keep in it. There are safes for every need, jewellery, important documents or large amount of money. Having this clear, you will make a more informed decision as there are many kinds of safes for different purposes. Our Orlando locksmith will show you our top picks.

Today we will bring you the 5 best safes brands!

1. Amsec


American Security Company is one of the best providers of security safes and security solutions since 1940. Since its beginning, the company has designed and manufactured high quality and high-security safes, offering a line with over 400 products.

These products have been UL – Underwriter’s Laboratory- certified, as several testing done to them has determined that they are fire resistant. Also testing for burglary rating determined that their products and models passed all drilling, bumping and picking techniques by UL.

One of the best products from Amsec in the market is the AMSEC CSC3018 Burglar & Fire Rated Safe. This product costs around 1200 dollars, but its high security mechanism will make every penny spent, worthy.

Its high rated fire resisting properties can stand external temperatures of 1,7000 degrees Fahrenheit, while maintaining an internal temperature of 350 degrees, it  can protect documents from getting burnt, also  high rated burglary rates with its six different lock mechanisms, from a basic dial combination lock to a dial combination / electronic lock combo, this safe its is perfect for your needs!

2. Fort Knox

fort knox

Fort Knox vaults are one of the most popular vaults and safe company across America. This brand has set a new standard that other companies follow. This company designs fire resistant safes as they can stand a peak temperature of 1200º Fahrenheit (about 649º Celsius) for 45 minutes. Also, the strength of the vaults makes it resistant to attacks due to the many layers of steel. In addition, Fort Knox gives customers multiple options to construct and are customizing their safes the way they prefer, which adds additional peace of mind. Fort Knox offers a lifetime warranty when purchasing, this includes the lock, interior, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch, and body of the vault.

Fort Knox offers different safes for unique needs, some of these options are: Maverick Vault, Defender Vault, Protector Vault, Executive Vault, Guardian Vault , Titan Vault, Legend Vault, Vault Door Out-Swing , Vault Door In-Swing

3. Sturdy Safes

sturdy safes

Sturdy Gun Safe is one of the most commercial guns and fire safes manufacturers in the USA. The company was born 60 years ago, manufacturing and repairing gun safes. Their main customers are the Departments of Justice, Police Departments, Sheriff’s Departments, Police Academies, and other law enforcement and government agencies.

The Sturdy Safe Company is very transparent in how their products are made and manufactured. They are proud to say they built steel safes and to believe, Sturdy’s website offers tons of information on the construction and size of the steel it uses.

These safes are in the top five list of best safes because it has exceeded the UL safety requirements, which is difficult, as many tests are run by UL to certify a product, and if this isn’t enough for you, Sturdy safes come with a life time warranty. All these make Sturdy safes a trust worthy company.

4. Homeland Security Safes

homeland security safes

Homeland safes make their safes in the United States; they feature fireproof at a peak temperature of 1500º Fahrenheit (about 816º Celsius) for 45 minutes.  Also, the safes include anti pry construction, which makes it difficult to leverage open the safe door.

They carry a full line of safes, vaults (home, gun, and even guitar)and doors and it also offers custom made gun safes to the exact size that the customer requires. Besides their great products, customer reviews of Homeland Security safes praise the customer services as the team keeps them updated with periodic messages and photos of the manufacturing process.

5. Vault Pro

vault pro

This company manufactures all its products in The U.S. and it has three basic series of safes, and will build to your exact specifications. The models they offer are customizable, for further increase in security needs by the costumer.

Among their features, the fireproof feature is impressive as the cheapest vaults can handle is 1200º Fahrenheit (about 649º Celsius) for one hour.This same model also comes with ceramic fireproofing to withstand 2300º Fahrenheit (1260º Celsius) for one hour.