Different size and types of padlocks

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA: Different size and types of padlocks

Choosing the right Padlock can sometimes be confusing and having so many choices you may not choose the right one. If this has ever happened to you and you feel like you have no idea about the right padlock, I hope that this article helps you with your new buy. Locksmith Orlando will guide you in the purchase!

Now there is hundreds of different brands out there new and well-recognized ones; we’ll give you a list of what’s out there and what’s considered to be at the top for 2018.

In order to determine what makes a good Padlock to install, we’re going to look at things like the Size, a bigger padlock with the beefier body and a thicker shackle is often the most secure padlock.  Besides the size make sure that the product has a high strength-to-weight ratio.

The material of your Padlock

Most padlocks are made from brass or steel when choosing one that is made out this material will ensure more resistance and durability. Also look for the one that incorporate weather resistant coating, these typically include zinc, chrome, and plastic.  But your best choice of material should be hardened steel, apart from some being un-cuttable padlocks they are also solid and almost impossible to break.

Key Size, yeah key size!

Top of the line locks offers a varied range of key variations. This will ultimately make it impossible to copy. Checking the number of pins on your key well help tell how secure the padlock is, the more they are the surer the lock is.

Something that is as important is Shoulder Shroud. Shoulder shroud is hit mostly because of their weaknesses; Thieves find them easy to cut through. So make sure to pick a padlock with thick and large shoulder shrouds made from extra hard material,

Another excellent feature a great lock should have is to have an Anti-drill plate; this will prevent any drilling and deflect a drill bit from penetrating.

I found an excellent article on Reviewed.com about steps on selecting a high-security padlock. Check it out along with this article it should be a good read.


Here are some Key-based Padlocks

  •    TSA-Approved Locks- These are padlock designed to and approved by the Transport Security Administration (TSA).  They’re used for securing luggage.
  •    High Security- They are used for protecting high-value assets, made from hardened steel or pick resistant key cylinder. The majority of them have shrouded shackles or reinforced locking mechanism.
  •    Laminated- Laminated padlocks have bodies made of layers of a combination of several metals. This combination makes the lock tamper-resistant as well as a robust nature. This makes it very difficult to break.
  •    Weather Resistant- These locks are made from Stainless steel, unlike the traditional lock when left outside will rust or corrode. Other locks have a shroud that protects the lock from weather elements entering the locking mechanism.
  •    Guarded Padlocks- Padlock in this category have solid steel guards. These guards protect and surround the shackles on both sides, making them virtually impossible to cut.

Ok, now its time to talk about some name brands that have made it to our top in 2018. According to Reviewed.com here is their list.

  1.    Stanley Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock
  2.    Desired Tools 4 Digit Combination Lock
  3.    Abus Titanium Aluminum Alloy Padlock
  4.    Kwikset SmartKey
  5.    Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock
  6.    Master Lock Word Combination Padlock
  7.    Master Lock Set Your Own Combination Padlock
  8.    ABUS Diskus Padlock
  9.    Master Lock Standard Dial Combination Lock
  10.    ORIA 4 Digit Combination Lock

Well, my audience I hope that next time you’re going to buy a Padlock you serious take into consideration all of the above, remember that you’re protecting not only your important assets but most importantly your loved one make sure you make the right choice.