Orlando Locksmith knows burglary remains debilitating to the victim and the property no matter what Hollywood thinks. Hollywood enjoys romanticizing burglars like an intelligent man or lady with a taste for mischief and valuables, making us watch them break and steal items of their appetite.

Usually, burglars are portrayed in movies as sexy thieves or comedians. In fact, burglaries are jack-asses who steal for the thrill, addiction, or because that’s the “job.” As they flee, they left the victim mentally ill and pissed off. So, why do they steal and can we fight back. Either they need the money, or it’s habitual, and yes we can fight back. Allow me to show you how a burglar thinks and how to combat their bad habits using our locksmith in Orlando tips.


Although burglary rates have dropped by 48% between 1993 and 2016, they’re still familiar. There was 8,277,829 property crime (robberies, larceny-theft, and vehicle theft) recorded by law requirement during 2014. Money related losses endured by victims of these violations calculate at roughly $14.3 billion.

The mind of a burglar

A burglars mind set

Burglars usually stay busy, and a few will gain more expertise in the crime. Just like with any occupation, practice makes perfect as they think differently than ordinary people. Thieves are always working to better their skills even while they have a regular job.

However, even though they have other things to do, for example, paying bills, running errands, and kids, they’re continually making calculations and notes of where to strike next. For instance, signaling properties they like, vacant hours, security measurements, and, thinking about the payoff. As time passes, this method becomes automatic and unconscious.

What about the victim or victims?

The law says burglary is recognized as a property crime. Property offense is understood to be “the act of taking property or money,” and does not involve force or threat of force against a victim. But, even though no actual physical threat has happened, the effects of burglary goes far beyond one’s belongings.

Victims report feeling fear and stress following the crime, while some sufferers have a heightened fear of being a target again. For several, the feeling of vulnerability while inside their house could never wholly ware off.

Top things burglaries do not enjoy while trying to do the crime



Lighting- Light has turned out to be a beneficial tool for home-security: both motion activated lights and streetlights behave as invaluable deterrents. Never allow areas where there are doors and windows to get gloomy.

Bring attention-Unsurprisingly; offenders do not enjoy bringing unwelcome attention. Therefore, alarms and dogs are high on the list of things crooks don’t like. The sound of a barking dog reveals why a man’s best friend could provide more than companionship like security.

Smart-locks-Thieves are opportunists and want to avid tricky force entries. Therefore, maintain your smart home upgraded and keep upgrading.

Deadbolts- Thieves could by-pass low-quality locks, but if you install a high-quality deadbolt then they will have a tough time getting inside.

CCTV cameras- It’s without saying that thieves don’t like the cameras. So install your cameras in place where there no lightning or have place weak or none deterrents, for instance, the backdoor.

 Ways to prevent being a statistic?


open windows and doors can increase the odds of being attacked

Sometimes while we can blame burglars for everything some of the times, it’s our fault. Individuals sleep with their window open through the night while other individuals leave their doors unlocked when they are home. Moreover, people state that they purposely discuss their holiday plans on social networking while showing their property to offenders.

So, make sure your doors and windows are secured will significantly help decrease curiosity out of thieves. We all know the proverb,“curiosity killed the cat.” Keeping things personal on societal media while far from home is smart too well, until you get back home. Improving the security of one’s house does not need to mean expensive gadgets or a lot of work.

But if you decide to fight back then remember what I mentioned earlier, for instance, CCTV cameras, durable locks, dogs, lightning, and much more will increase the odds of not getting an attack.