How Much Do You Know About Door Locks?

how much do you know about door locks

When locks stopped being operated by keys, many questions started to rise… are these electronic locks safe? Can these security systems get hacked? What is the difference between a traditional lock and this? We could go on and on with unanswered questions, but instead, Orlando Locksmith will attempt to provide an answer to the fundamental […]

How To Remove a Broken Key in a Lock

how to remove a broken key in a lock

Has a key ever broken into your lock? Desperation and helplessness are the best two words to describe how you may feel at that moment. A broken key in a door lock it is not the end of the world –though you may be feeling like it- it is an emergency, and the best thing […]

Padlock Solutions: Keep Bolts Optimized


Let’s go through the signs that your locks and entryways need a change and a few solutions to keep the bolts optimized Much the same as everything else in your home, your locks will get old. Also, you will need to settle the security danger before it completely breaks down. Getting bolted out of your […]

Contemplate Changing Your Garage Door Locks

garage door locks

Does your garage door look like something used 20 years ago? Thinking of letting an Orlando locksmith come by and give you an audit. Do you experience a range of twisting when you open or close the doors? There are so many things concerning carport entryways that go unnoticed: Did you realize that most Americans […]