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It is important to always have a garage door that operates properly. It is therefore important to make sure that the garage door has good accessories. One such accessory is the springs which have to be checked from time to time as they wear out and the bars can break. There are two main types [...]

When Your Garage Door Springs Needs Replacement

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Today we will deal with other things a Sy King Orlando locksmith works with besides lockouts. Garage door springs simply use the basic principles of physics and mechanics. It stores huge amount of mechanical energy whenever you twisted it and which exerts a mechanical force in the opposite direction that is proportionate to the amount it [...]

Using Torsion Springs for Your Garage Door

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What is torsion springs by the way? Whether your garage door could be open manually or by hands or electronically through garage door opener it needs torsion springs for a full and efficient mechanical functioning. Torsion springs in your garage door is simply a spring that operates by means of torsion or twisting.  It’s a [...]

Choosing a Trusted Locksmith for Your Security Needs

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“The thief only comes to steal, to kill and to conquer” and so the saying goes but how could a thief, burglar or robber subdue a strong person especially when you have strong and sound locks to protect and secure your property? Come to think about it, a strong and sound lock means peace of [...]

What Are the Latest Trends in Garage Door Styles?

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Garage door is a big door on your garage which opens in two ways: either manually or through an electric device known as garage door opener. Usually garage door are big enough to accommodate your cars and other type of vehicles. Every garage doors styles would always depend on its size, design, materials and functionality. [...]

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